12 batches of Wudanjiang energy-saving lamps were unqualified

The small power is exaggerated to increase the selling price, and the mechanical strength of the lamp cap is unqualified. In the quality monitoring of energy-saving lamps carried out recently, the 12 batches of products extracted in the Mudanjiang market were inspected as unqualified due to the above problems, and the industry and commerce department will order these Qualified products are removed from the shelves and penalties are imposed on the business units.

Recently, in order to strengthen the supervision and management of the quality of energy-saving lamps in the circulation field, the industrial and commercial department of Mudanjiang City sampled the energy-saving lamps on the market according to the requirements of the higher authorities, and together with 50 batches of products in Harbin, Jiamusi, Jixi and Hegang. They were sent to Heilongjiang Province Hardware and Electrical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station to check whether their 10 items such as mark, insulation resistance, mechanical strength, starting characteristics, lamp power, initial light efficiency, color characteristics and harmonics were qualified. After testing, these 50 batches of products qualified 8 batches, the pass rate was 16%; 42 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was 84%.

The 12 batches of products such as YPZ22050HZ 55W, the production date or the energy saving lamp with the batch number of 2008.1, which was produced by Zhongshan Sande Electric Appliance Factory sold by Mudanjiang City, were found to be unqualified. It is reported that the main unqualified items of unqualified products are power items, and some enterprises increase the nominal power (ie rated power) value of low-power energy-saving lamps to increase the selling price. In addition, some of the energy-saving lamp caps have failed mechanical strength. This indicator is to prevent the lamp cap part from loosening or falling off under the standard torque. This reduces the accidental electric shock accident when consumers install or replace the light source.

The industry and commerce department reminds consumers to choose large-scale supermarkets and professional markets to purchase or select brand-name products with qualified quality reports when selecting electronic energy-saving lamps. The product's outer packaging should be marked with the origin, rated voltage and voltage range, rated power, rated frequency and so on. Supplementary instructions for safe use should also be included in the package and instruction manual. In addition, the energy-saving lamp phosphor should be crystal clear and white, and there should be no yellowing or graying. After the power is turned on, the lamp should be illuminated normally, the lamp should have no obvious black spots, and the illuminator should be free of flicker.
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