4K Ultra HD Content Announces Over 1 Million Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Sales

Lack of content has always been a major bottleneck restricting the popularity of Ultra HD. However, with the participation of Hollywood studios, the U.S. 4K ultra-high-definition content market is gradually picking up. The consumption of ultra-high-definition content seems to be on the right track. Home Media Magazine introduced the development of ultra-high definition format in the United States from the perspective of ultra-high-definition Blu-ray discs, players, and streaming media content. Now, whether consumers are willing to embrace the next home entertainment format? This is a question that many industry executives have high hopes for 4K HDR. According to the statistics of Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), in the first half of 2017, more than 4.8 million 4K ultra-high-definition televisions were sold, and about one million ultra-high-definition Blu-ray players were sold. DEG chairman Amy Jo Smith said: "As of mid-2017, a total of more than 20 million 4K Ultra HDTVs have been sold and over 4 million Ultra HD Blu-ray players have been sold. This means that many people are actively seeking the best immersive type. The viewing experience, we believe, will be sustained by the rapid expansion of content, and as of this summer, there are more than 166 Ultra High Definition Blu-ray resources available for sale, accounting for more than US$100 million in consumer spending. , and new content is entering the market continuously." 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray content This summer, Disney Studios joined the ranks of 4K ultra-high definition production, becoming the seventh Hollywood mainstream studio to announce the release of 4K ultra-high-definition Blu-ray discs. This is also a big boost to the development of content. Disney said: "Content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm is tailored specifically for such immersive experiences as 4K Ultra HD." After Fox, Lions Gate, Universal, Sony, Paramount and Warner, Disney also joined the ranks of 4K Ultra HD. The mainstream film studios are creating an HDR movie list that includes both new and classic films, resulting in more intense contrast and vivid colors. Disney's first 4K Blu-ray Disc "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" 20th Century Fox Chief Technology Officer Hanno Basse said: “We will continue to explore the potential of high dynamic range, because we think this technology can bring the best viewing experience. We will launch two major video resources during the 2017 holiday period. "The Rise of the Poinser 3: Ultimate Battle" and "Ace Agent 2: The Golden Circle." Eddie Cunningham, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, said: "4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray Plus HDR sets a new benchmark for home theater. As the 4K ecosystem continues to grow, Universal will continue to provide consumers with more 4K Ultra HD content. , including "Speed ​​and Passion 8," "God Stealing Milk Dad 3," "Apollo 13" and "ET." 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray Player Hardware manufacturers that are launching TVs, streaming media devices and Ultra High Definition Blu-ray players are also very enthusiastic about this format. Jim Kiczek, vice president of marketing for Samsung's audio and video products, said: "In terms of brightness and contrast, HDR takes picture quality to new heights. By truly reproducing the brightest images and the deepest black field, consumers can better Experience the content that the creators want to present: Our QLED TV with quantum dot technology can provide rich colors in any bright image, so the red rose is still red in the brightest scene. It will fade into pink." According to the Blu-ray Disc Association, the market for ultra-high-definition Blu-ray devices continues to grow. From September 2016, the number of manufacturers and the number of products have doubled. In 2017, player sales increased by 133%. Samsung is a pioneer of Blu-ray players. Kiczek said: "Since last year's launch of the first ultra high definition Blu-ray player, Samsung has been the leader of this category. Our 8500 Blu-ray player is the first device to support ultra-high definition HDR Blu-ray. This year, we introduced new products in On the basis of maintaining high picture quality, some smart features have been added.The new UBD M9500 model uses the same interface as the Samsung TV product line, allowing easy access to streaming media, apps, and sending player content to mobile devices. Watch streaming video on TV, and another person at home can watch the video on a mobile device at the same time." Similarly, Oppo Digital enthusiastically embraces the Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Jason J. Liao, the company’s CTO and vice president of product R&D, said: “We have suspended the full HD Blu-ray player product line and all turned to the production of Ultra HD products.” In addition, Oppo has also added Dolby Vision and Du More than panoramic sound support. 4K Ultra HD streaming media content While the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc market is taking off, 4K digital content is also expanding. Recently, Apple began to enter this ultra-high streaming media market. Other competitors include Roku 4, Amazon Fire, NVIDIA Shield, and Chromecast Ultra. Jessica Schell, Warner Bros. Executive Vice President and General Manager, said that Warner hopes to expand the popularity of 4K ultra-high definition HDR movies, both through physical and digital content distribution. Michael Bonner, executive vice president of digital distribution at Universal Studios Home Entertainment, said: “4K ultra-high-definition streaming media has great promise. In terms of content, just a few months, 4K ultra-high-definition content has formed an endless supply of ." Fox said: "At present, 4K ultra-high-definition Blu-ray (with HDR10) is the main form of high-quality content that we provide to consumers, and this kind of content is compatible with all HDR televisions on the market. However, the issues related to streaming media services are still being discussed. ." 4K Ultra HD Industry Certification The UHD Alliance, an industry organization dedicated to promoting the development of ultra-high definition HDR entertainment technology, recently announced the completion of the Ultra HD Premium standard for streaming media players, set-top boxes and personal computers. In addition, the Ultra High Definition Alliance extends the scope of certification to the monitoring field and hopes to maximize the interoperability among various products. According to the organization’s prediction, by 2020, nearly 50% of U.S. households will have ultra-high definition television. By 2021, nearly one-third of the world’s households have ultra high-definition television. Mike Fidler, chairman of the Ultra High Definition Alliance, said: "The 4K ultra-high-definition market is accelerating. With 4K ultra-high-definition television, 4K ultra high-definition Blu-ray player, 4K ultra-high-definition streaming media player, 4K mobile devices and 4K computer monitors and other new equipment As consumers appear to need guidance in one direction, the alliance has focused on certifying high-quality 4K resolution distribution from the very beginning, and consumers can verify that the product can achieve 4K ultra high definition by looking for the Ultra HD Premium logo on the device. HDR effect." Consumer awareness According to the Ultra HD Alliance, consumers are still less aware of HDR. Warner’s Schell said: “Warner Bros. works closely with its counterparts in the consumer electronics industry to allow consumer electronics manufacturers to showcase our 4K HDR content as much as possible. This is an ideal way for consumers to understand the new 4K HDR TV. What kind of picture quality the 4K HDR can exhibit." Hardware manufacturers are also doing their own efforts. Samsung Electronics USA announced on September 1 that it will cooperate exclusively with Xbox and use Samsung QLED TV as the official 4K TV partner of Xbox One X. In all kinds of Xbox and Samsung promotions in the United States, gamers can experience the Xbox One X on QLED 4K TV.