6 cooperation directions "light up" the prospects of cross-strait semiconductor lighting industry chain

The two-day "cross-strait LED (semiconductor) lighting industry cooperation and exchange meeting" was successfully concluded in Taipei on the 10th. About 270 semiconductor lighting industry manufacturers on both sides of the strait exchanged ideas at the meeting and reached six consensuses on "co-developing industry standards" for future industrial cooperation. The industry generally expects that the above-mentioned cooperation direction will promote cross-strait cooperation to build a mutually beneficial and win-win semiconductor lighting industry chain, and promote cross-strait cooperation to build a global "green lighting production center."

The six consensus reached at the meeting included:

1. Establishing a normalized industrial cooperation and exchange mechanism between the two sides of the strait. The two sides set up an action working group and held regular working meetings to jointly promote exchanges and cooperation projects. In the future, the "cross-strait LED lighting industry cooperation and exchange meeting" will be held annually, which will be held by the two sides in turn;
2. The two sides of the strait will jointly build an LED lighting industrial chain, optimize the industrial layout, and jointly participate in the pilot project of “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” LED lighting, and jointly build LED lighting manufacturers with international brands;
3. Co-constructing the LED lighting industry alliance, conducting research and development of isomorphic technology, strengthening industrial strategy research and talent exchange, and establishing a cross-strait LED lighting information platform;
4. Co-construct a patent library for LED lighting, establish a reciprocal mechanism for intellectual property rights, and reach a consensus to achieve a win-win situation;
5. Establish cross-strait standardization working mechanisms, jointly develop LED lighting industry standards, and realize cooperation between the two sides of the LED lighting standardization organization;
6. Set up the LED lighting inspection and verification platform together, and carry out research on detection technology, test methods and testing equipment to achieve mutual recognition of test results.

This meeting is another cross-strait green energy industry exchange event held in Taiwan following the cross-strait solar photovoltaic industry exchange meeting in March. The leaders of well-known LED companies such as Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics, Xiamen Sanan, Shanghai Lanbao Optoelectronics, Dalian Luming Technology Group, and Ningbo Liaoyuan from the mainland conducted in-depth exchanges and communication with the island operators.

Representatives from both sides of the strait held a total of about 60 one-on-one meetings during the conference. How to share the business opportunities of the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” in the mainland is the focus of their common concern. The mainland traders attending the conference revealed that the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” plan will increase the procurement of upstream and downstream products of Taiwan LEDs in the second half of this year, with a total amount expected to exceed RMB 15 billion. In addition, in view of the long-term dependence of mainland LED crystals, it is not excluded to sign strategic contracts with Taiwanese companies for long-term supply.

Mainland players also analyzed that the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” plan had to build more than 1.4 million LED street lights by the end of this year. Most of the LED street light products are supplied by Taiwanese companies, so there are at least five in the total business opportunities. Cheng will come from the purchase of Taiwanese businessmen.

Some Taiwanese manufacturers believe that this plan estimates that the overall business opportunity is as high as NT$70 billion, and Taiwanese manufacturers have surpassed the current one-year output value of Taiwan LED manufacturers as long as they grab one-seventh. Jane Feng, head of a LED lighting company, revealed that some Taiwanese manufacturers have begun to expand their factories in the mainland to make up for the lack of capacity on the island.

Feng Jichun, executive director of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, said at the meeting that semiconductor lighting has huge room for development. The mainland has a huge market in this field. In addition to the well-known "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" lighting pilot work, there are still many development plans and unlimited business opportunities in the future; Taiwan has characteristics in semiconductor lighting technology, talent, management and brand building. If the two sides of the strait can fully cooperate in the future, the development of the LED industry will be exciting.

Li Zhongxi, dean of the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute, believes that LED is a promising new "green energy industry". The two sides have complementary advantages in the LED lighting industry. If they can work together, they will have the opportunity to seize the opportunity in the international arena.

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