A new heating method, application of heating cable

The heat-generating cable is made of a cable structure, and uses electricity as an energy source, and uses an alloy resistance wire to conduct electricity and heat to achieve the effect of heating or heat preservation. There are usually single conductors and double conductors, which are called heating cables.

Working principle The inner core of the heating cable is composed of cold hot wire, and the outside is composed of insulating layer, grounding, shielding layer and outer sheath. After the heating cable is electrified, the hot wire generates heat and operates at a temperature of 40-60° C., buried in the filling layer. Inside the heating cable, the heat energy is transmitted through the heat conduction (convection) and the transmitted 8-13um far-infrared radiation is transmitted to the heating body heating cable ground radiant heating system composition and working principle:

Power supply line → Transformer → Low-voltage power distribution device → Household power meter → Thermostat → Heating cable → Radiant heat a to the room through the floor. Take electricity as energy b. A heating cable is used as a heating element c. Heating cable thermal conduction mechanism (1) After the heating cable is heated, it will generate heat, its temperature is 40 °C -60 °C, through the conduction conduction, heating the surrounding cement layer, and then transferred to the floor or tile, and then heated by convection Air, conduction heat accounts for 50% of heat generated by heating cable

(2) The second part is that after the heating cable is energized, it will produce the most suitable 7- to 10-micron far-infrared rays for human body, radiating to the human body and space. This part of the heat also accounts for 50% of the calorific value, and the heating efficiency of the heating cable is almost 100%.

The inner core of the heating cable is composed of a cold line, and the outside is composed of an insulating layer, a grounding layer, a shielding layer and an outer sheath. After the heating cable is electrified, the hot line generates heat and operates at a low temperature of 40-60° C., and the heat buried in the filling layer is generated. The cable transmits thermal energy to the heated body through heat conduction (convection) and 8-13 μm far-infrared radiation.

Product advantages of the heating cable Comfort, health care, cleanliness, long life, maintenance-free heating cable under the warm heat source, warm people warm feet, the highest body heat utilization. Floor heating temperature decreases with height, making the brain more focused, thinking more clear, in line with the principle of foot warmer head cold Chinese medicine health care, the head height is low indoor and outdoor temperature difference, not easy to catch cold, especially beneficial to elderly women and children. Does not change the degree of air humidity, to avoid air convection and dust flying, so that the environment is clean and pleasant; electric heating and heating installation and the house floor decoration at the same time, heating cables laid in the tile, wood floor or marble below the cement layer, service life and building The same length, as long as it is not destroyed, can guarantee normal operation for more than 50 years and basically does not require maintenance.

The spacious, simple, warm, moisture-removing, mildew-proof heating cable is laid under the ground, does not occupy the area of ​​use of the room, and does not have boilers, pipes, heat sinks, cabinets, etc., making the interior part more free, more spacious and more beautiful. The heating system is comfortable for heating in the winter and it can remove moisture and mold during the wet season.

Safe, high-efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, low cost Heating cable heating does not have leakage short circuit, no danger; there is no water gas loss, there is no exhaust gas, waste water, dust generated by other heating methods, it is a green and health care type heating method; thermal efficiency is high 100%, the same comfort effect lower than the traditional convection mode 2-3 °C, low total heat consumption, no water, coal, gas loss, energy saving and environmental protection; can be arbitrary shut down and adjust the room temperature, economic operation can save 1/3 - 1/2 of the fee, the initial investment and use fees are low, do not need property management.

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