Aladdin Lighting Network this week to purchase: 7 foreign purchase orders

As of November 19th, Aladdin Lighting Network () has gathered 1089 lighting manufacturers and released 14493 lighting related products. 657 engineering companies were registered and 1965 designers opened blogs.

Rich resources and active users bring more purchasing needs and supply opportunities. After a period of accumulation and development, Aladdin Lighting Network buyers group made great progress in procurement services.

This week, Aladdin Lighting Network received 7 purchases from the Middle East, Germany, Russia, Maldives and other 7 foreign purchase orders. The important foreign buyers sent purchase requests to Chinese manufacturers through Aladdin Lighting Network. Cooperation opportunities.

Details are as follows:

Urgently purchase tens of thousands of LED lamps overseas


Some companies in Germany purchase high-power LED street lights


Iraqi trading company domestic procurement action


Maldives purchases lamps and lanterns, the number of broken lamps is 12 kinds


Five Star Hotels in the Middle East purchase the following lamps from domestic manufacturers


Foreign traders purchase a batch of LED spotlights


Russian chain dealers purchase 300 sets of large fabric chandeliers


Aladdin Lighting Network Procurement/Cooperative Services solves the problems of finding suppliers, finding agents, acquiring inventory, and collecting engineering information.

Pay attention to Aladdin Lighting Network every day, and more updated purchasing information waiting for you!!!


Free release of purchasing information process:


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