Application of GPRS DTU in charging pile industry

With the country's vigorous promotion of new energy vehicles, the construction of charging infrastructure is stretched. How to solve the problem of charging is difficult, and building piles alone is not enough.

With the rising world energy demand and the depletion of natural resources, people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing. The promotion and support of new energy vehicles in the world will make new energy vehicles occupy an important position in the future automobile market. If the incompleteness limits the development of electric vehicles to a certain extent, then these problems are gradually being solved.

The main problems facing the current charging pile industry include:

1. Due to municipal construction planning, the location of the charging pile is scattered, and it is difficult for the owner to find the pile.

After someone buys a car, there is a car that can't find a charging pile, but we often see that the charging pile is lined up, standing quietly there, no one cares about it. On the one hand, there is nowhere to charge the car, and on the other hand, a large number of built-up charging piles are useless, because they are wasted.

The reason why the embarrassing situation will arise is mainly because the information channels are not smooth, which has caused many electric vehicle owners to be unclear about the layout of the charging piles, thus causing many inconveniences in use.

In order to solve the above problems, it is imperative to build an information platform for charging piles, present all the resources on it, and facilitate the owner to inquire and use.

2. The charging pile structure is complicated and the information maintenance and management is difficult.

Figure 1 On-site maintenance of management and maintenance personnel

On October 9, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure”, which proposes that by 2020, a moderately advanced, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system will be built to meet the requirements. The charging demand of 5 million electric vehicles; establish a relatively complete standard specification and market supervision system to form a unified and open, competitive and orderly charging service market. According to the national “13th Five-Year Plan”, by 2020, the number of charging and replacing stations will reach 12,000, and the number of charging piles will reach 4.5 million.

So many charging piles need to set up maintenance stations in each area later, equipped with professional operation and maintenance personnel and vehicles to patrol the public charging piles, but this mode can not find the fault status of each key module in real time, resulting in A lot of time is spent on the road.

A remote monitoring mechanism can be established for the above problems. The remote access network monitoring system can monitor the power, current, elegance, power, switch and other operating parameters of the charging pile in real time or periodically, and remotely control the charging switch and modify the parameters of the charging pile.

And monitor the running status and fault condition of the charging pile in real time. Once the fault alarm occurs, it can be processed remotely or sent to the site for maintenance.

ZWG is a wireless data transmission DTU terminal device based on GPRS network of Zhiyuan Electronics. It provides a fully transparent data channel, which can easily realize remote, wireless and networked communication methods.

Product Features:

Industrial grade RS232, RS485, TTL level serial port three-in-one design, all external interfaces are isolated;

Embedded and reliable protocol stack, data is transparently transmitted, users do not need to understand complex TCP/IP, PPP and other protocols;

Support Modbus SMS working mode, up to 20 text messages can be predefined;

Support data center virtual serial port function, seamlessly connect existing PC software;

Reliable design of multiple hardware and software, combined watchdog technology to make the equipment operate safely;

It can adapt to high temperature and low temperature working environment, temperature range -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C.

Zhiyuan electronic charging pile wireless transmission scheme, designed to embed DTU into the charging pile, combined with the control system, can provide fast and simple network access and data transparent transmission function for small and medium-sized charging piles, and transmit data to the background monitoring center. Collect the basic conditions of the charging pile in real time. In this way, it is easy to deal with the problem of the distribution and maintenance of the charging pile.

Figure 2 System expansion diagram

Moreover, according to the wireless transmission data, the charging management service platform can realize powerful operator management, user management, customer service management, charging pile/charging station management, data statistical analysis, alarm failure, report repair management, and device map display function.

At present, Zhiyuan Electronic GPRS DTU products have been widely used in the charging pile industry, and have been widely used in power systems, industrial monitoring, traffic management, meteorology, water treatment, environmental monitoring, financial securities, coal mining, petroleum and other industries. Welcome your inquiry, Zhiyuan can provide you with a complete IOT Internet solution.

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