Briefly describe the typical application of machine vision technology in the automation industry

Today, automation technology develops rapidly in our country. People have a deeper understanding of machine vision, and their views have changed a lot. The machine vision system has increased the degree of automation in production, making it possible for hazardous work environments that are not suitable for manual work, allowing large-scale, continuous production to become a reality, and greatly improving production efficiency and product accuracy. The ability to quickly obtain information and process it automatically also provides ease of information integration for industrial production. With the maturity and development of machine vision technology, we can easily find that its application scope is more and more extensive. According to these fields, we can roughly summarize the five typical applications of machine vision. The five typical applications can also basically summarize the machine vision technology. The role that industrial production can play.
First, image recognition Application of image recognition is the use of machine vision to process, analyze, and understand images to identify various patterns of objects and objects. The most typical application of image recognition in the machine vision industry is the identification of two-dimensional codes. The two-dimensional codes are the most common ones in common bar codes. A large amount of data information is stored in this small QR code, and the product is tracked and managed by bar code. Through the machine vision system, it is convenient to identify and read the bar codes of various material surfaces, which greatly improves the efficiency of modern production.
Second, detection of image detection applications is one of the most important applications in the field of machine vision industry, almost all products need to be detected, but there are many drawbacks of manual detection, manual detection accuracy is low, long-term work, the accuracy is more Can not guarantee, but the detection speed is slow, it is easy to affect the efficiency of the entire production process. Therefore, machine vision is also very extensive in the application of image detection, such as the detection of coin edge characters. In the fifth set of RMB newly issued in October 2000, the side of the coin was enhanced with anti-counterfeiting features. In view of the strict control requirements of the production process, a visual inspection system was installed on the last process of coinage. In addition, it can also be used in the printing process of the color registration and color check, the printing process of the packaging bottle cap in the packaging quality inspection, product packaging on the bar code and character recognition, glass bottle defects detection. Among them, the defect detection of glass bottles by the machine vision system also includes the category of medicinal glass bottles, which means that machine vision also involves the field of medicine. Its main tests include dimensional inspection, defect detection of bottle appearance, defect detection of bottle shoulders. , Bottle inspection, etc.
Third, visual positioning applications Visual positioning requires the machine vision system to quickly and accurately find the tested part and confirm its location. In the field of semiconductor packaging, devices need to adjust the pickup head according to the position information of the chip obtained by machine vision, accurately pick up the chip and bind it. This is the most basic application of visual positioning in the machine vision industry.
Fourth, the object measurement application Machine vision industrial application biggest characteristic is its non-contact measurement technology, also has the high accuracy and the high speed performance, but the non-contact non-wear, has eliminated the contact damage and the secondary damage that may cause. Common measurement applications include gears, connectors, automotive components, IC component pins, twist drills, Luoding thread detection, and more.
Fifth, the object sorting application In fact, the object sorting application is based on identification, detection of a link, through the machine vision system to process the image, to achieve sorting. In machine vision industrial applications are often used for food sorting, automatic sorting of part surfaces, cotton fiber sorting, etc.
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