Capacitor replaces battery wireless mouse for three minutes to complete charging

Capacitor replaces battery Wireless mouse completes charging in three minutes Although wireless mice are easier to use than wired mice, most wireless mice require batteries or charge, which is a bit more troublesome. The Genius DX-ECO's wireless mouse does not require a traditional battery and is fully charged in 3 minutes.

In fact, instead of the traditional battery is a power supply material called a gold capacitor (super capacitor), this gold capacitor can be charged more than 100,000 times, and the biggest difference from the traditional battery is that the charging time is very short, only need 3 You can be fully charged in minutes. Obviously, this is very convenient for users who are charged with a wireless mouse once a day.

Let's take a look at some of the necessary parameters for the mouse. Including the 800/1600 DPI switch button, support GeniusBlueEye blue eye technology, can be used on most surfaces, using a two-way 2.4Ghz connection, the effective range of up to 15 meters, also Comes with 4 hot keys and a mini transceiver. As for the price, it is currently around 300 yuan.

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