Changchun City plans to spend 6 billion yuan to build a national LED industrial park

Recently, Changchun City, Jilin Province held the “2012 Northeast Asia Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Innovation Forum” with the theme of “Optimizing the LED Lighting Industry Layout and Realizing Leap-forward Development”. In the forum, the Changchun Municipal Government stated that Changchun will use five years and a total investment of about 6 billion yuan to build a national LED industrial park construction project.

According to the plan, the development layout of the park is “four districts and one center”. The “four districts” are the integrated light source module production area, the lighting forming area, the product research and development area and the production service area. The focus will be on epitaxial wafer production, chip preparation, chip packaging, Product application companies and experimental testing institutions; "One Center", the long-term northeast core area optoelectronic product experience and display trading center, will focus on the latest scientific and technological achievements of semiconductor lighting and display industry at home and abroad, and build a set of program design, inspection and testing, standard identification The whole chain and multi-level service platform of experience display and transaction will realize the comprehensive integration of manufacturing, design and application system.

Yang Junliang, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changchun High-tech Zone, said that Changchun High-tech Zone has gathered a number of advantageous enterprises such as Xida Electronics and Olaide Optoelectronics. Changchun High-tech Zone also plans to build a national-level semiconductor key experiment with the National Semiconductor Center and Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics. Room to build the most innovative R&D platform in China.

Yang Junliang also said that Changchun High-tech Zone will firmly grasp the opportunity of technology diffusion and industrial transfer in the developed areas, vigorously enhance the independent innovation capability of the industry, promote the application of the LED terminal market, improve the industrial environment, enhance the comprehensive strength of industrial development, and strive to build Jilin. The province's LED industry core area, the national LED industry demonstration zone, Northeast Asia LED high-end product display, trading and independent innovation center area as the goal.

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