Changsha Lighting Project Completion Night Scene 姹 嫣 ( ( (图)

Changsha night view

Warm red, pure blue, romantic purple high-rise building wearing a dazzling evening gown, colorful colors when the night Changsha set off the score enchanting. At present, the city's lighting project has been completed, and the staff conducted lighting debugging last night.

At 8 o'clock in the evening yesterday, as the commissioning staff pressed the switch button, a tall building immediately draped with fascinating colors, and also ignited the passion of night Changsha. At the intersection of Songguiyuan in Furong Road, Jianhongda Modern City is surrounded by a circle of colorful tubes, as if wearing a layered necklace. I saw this necklace red for a while, yellow for a while, green for a while, changing the fascinating color from time to time; the luster of the necklace is constantly thrown into the distance, shot at high altitude, and dragged to the ground, making the night sand into the night full of brilliance, dazzling and blurred Dreamy feeling.

Yuan Zhiheng, secretary of the party group and director of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, said that this year, the city invested 40 million yuan to carry out the second phase of lighting construction, focusing on 40 buildings on the banks of Wuyi Avenue, New Century Sports Culture Center, Furong Middle Road, Lushan Road and Xiangjiang River. Building. At present, the lighting construction has been fully completed and entered the trial operation stage. In harmony with the construction of the landscape street, each district has built a bright street in the area under its jurisdiction to form the Changsha city lighting landscape belt. It is also known that since it is currently using electricity peaks, in order to save energy, lighting projects will not be put into use.

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