China's first high-capacity high-end LED chip manufacturing ICP etching machine is used

At the just-concluded 7th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (CHINASSL), Northern Microelectronics officially unveiled its new product ELEDETM330 high-density plasma ICP etching machine, and announced that the equipment has been assembled and debugged at the client, officially invested. The message used by the production line. ELEDETM330 is a successful expansion of the northern microelectronic semiconductor etching technology in the LED field. The on-line application of the device marks that the domestic LED etching equipment has been recognized by the mainstream production line, and the localization level of China's high-end LED equipment has been improved. .

As a new force in China's microelectronics equipment manufacturing industry, North Microelectronics has been committed to the research and development and manufacture of high-end semiconductor process equipment for many years. In 2009, Northern Microelectronics developed an inductively coupled high-density plasma etching machine designed specifically for etching applications in the LED production field with the accumulated experience in the field of semiconductor etching equipment. As the first large-capacity etching equipment in China directly facing the LED production line, ELEDETM330 can meet all etching applications in the LED field such as sapphire substrate pattern etching, Si substrate etching and GaN-based epitaxial layer etching. ELEDETM330 uses a high-capacity design for large-scale production, enabling 27 2-inch GaN-based epitaxial layer etching or 22 2-inch sapphire substrate etching at one time, greatly improving device output efficiency; system integration is high Density plasma source, high-life mechanical chuck, precision chamber temperature control system, stable high-precision pressure control system, IC-standard central nozzle air intake system and IC-level chamber surface treatment, etc. The more precise design requirements of the IC etch process are required to achieve a higher performance etch process in the LED field to increase the luminescence efficiency of the LED chip to a greater extent.

Today, with the rapid development of China's LED industry, North Microelectronics is willing to work closely with customers and adhere to the corporate development strategy of “international technology, international talents, international management, localized manufacturing, localized services, localized prices”. The continuous improvement of China's LED chip manufacturing technology and the healthy development of China's LED industry have injected more vitality and value.

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2.PON Networks
3.CATV Links
4.Data Communication
5.Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet
6.Optical Fiber Distribution Box/Cabinet
1.1xN and 2xN modular type splitters tailored per application
2.Low Insertion Loss and low PDL
3.Superior Uniformity
4.Wide Operation Wavelength
5.Wide Operation Temperature
6.High Stability and Reliability
7.Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 Compliance
8.YD/T 2000.1-2009 Compliance (TLC Product Certificate Compliance

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