China's lighting project won the Oscar International Award

On the evening of May 6, 2015, at the International Designers Association Lighting IALD "32nd IALD International Lighting Design Awards" awarding ceremony in New York, "Wuhan Hanxiu Theater Night Lighting Design Project of Wuhan Central Cultural District" from China "The IALD Brilliance Award, this is the first time the Chinese project has won the Oscar for the highest award in this field.

The IALD Award is hailed as the "Oscar" in the global lighting design industry. It is sponsored by the International Lighting Designers Association IALD. It and the North American Lighting Engineering Association IES Lighting Award are the two most prestigious lighting design awards in the world, representing the highest in the world. Lighting design level.

The annual IALD awards attract the attention of global lighting designers. The projects selected by the independent professional jury are the outstanding benchmarks of aesthetics and technology in the field of lighting, allowing the world to recognize and appreciate the power of light in human life. A total of 380 projects participated in the selection of this year's IALD Awards, and 10 outstanding awards and 4 awards were selected. The Wuhan Wanda Hanxiu Theater Project stood out in the fierce competition and won the highest award of this year - the IRAD Brilliant Award.

Wuhan Hanxiu Theater is a stage theater that Wanda Group cooperates with Frank Degon Entertainment Group, the world's leading stage art production company, to create a stage theater that transcends all the world's performing arts. Hanxiu Theatre takes the essence of Chinese culture and uses the image of the rich Chinese element “Red Lantern” to conceive the traditional elements and modern technology. Designed by the world's leading architectural art designer, Mark Fischer, it is specially designed for “Han Xiu”.

The award-winning Hanxiu Theater Night Lighting is a unique architectural lighting interpretation of the design theme of the “Chinese Red Lantern”. It consists of an innovative night lighting effect and a combination of light and shadow LED media cylindrical hollow facades. The main body of Chinese red lanterns consists of 18165 red aluminum alloy LED dragon-shaped circular discs, which form a panoramic three-dimensional disc curtain wall. The photoelectric pixel integrated design creates a panoramic multimedia interpretation platform that can express art culture. The 20-meter-high white beads at the bottom of the building are equipped with LED underground lights and high-pressure sodium floodlights, which symbolize the peaceful "lantern spike". The style is elegant and the atmosphere is rich. The project was designed by Wanda Hanxiu Night Lighting Design Team. Dalian Luming Optoelectronic Engineering Co., Ltd. deepened the design, product development and manufacturing, and engineering construction.

The real hall-level landmark construction project requires the exquisite design and ingenuity of the design masters. At the same time, it requires professional, meticulous and cooperation from the owners, designers and construction teams.

Talking about China's night lighting project won the international lighting design authority award, the project leader of Dalian Luming Photoelectric Engineering Co., Ltd. said that China's lighting design can reach the height of the world, thanks to the rapid development and urbanization of the Chinese economy for decades. The acceleration has provided a good fertile ground for the lighting industry. High-level international cooperation and cross-border cooperation in the industry have created a great fusion of cutting-edge technology and thinking concepts in the lighting industry. In this respect, we feel a lot. As the first batch of companies in China that are engaged in professional lighting in the LED industry, although we started later than abroad, we are developing faster and have more opportunities. From the 2008 Olympic Water Cube International's first 2000 square meters LED display, to today's Hanxiu Theater night lighting project, it has undertaken more than thousands of architectural lighting, urban lighting, road lighting, tourist lighting, commercial lighting, hotel lighting and Many projects have won domestic and international awards for the planning, design, engineering and construction of sports lighting projects.

On the one hand, it has increased the company's own capabilities, and has the qualification of lighting engineering professional grade and lighting design. The business scope covers the whole process of lighting project design, planning, engineering consulting, construction and installation, product customization, product supply and maintenance. . On the other hand, it has perfected its own team and has its own team of professional lighting designers to continuously create professional value for architectural design, interior decoration and urban landscape. The registered engineering engineer is the core engineering engineering team and high quality product supplier. Working together, it has become the cornerstone of outstanding lighting projects.

China's urban lighting construction has rapidly experienced the transition from “lighting to beautification, from beautification to culture”. Nowadays, under the guidance of the national layout of the Belt and Road strategy and the Internet + thinking, China's lighting industry will have more opportunities and creative construction, not only serving China, but also serving the world.

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