China Mobile requires 4G mobile phone five-mode domestic chip makers to complain collectively

With China Unicom launching 4G services on the 18th, the three major domestic operators officially entered the 4G competition. The recent strategy of China Mobile is even more unstoppable, but such practices have been complained by the industry chain.

According to a person familiar with the matter, China Mobile recently issued a notice to chip makers saying that starting from May, China Mobile requires TD-LTE 4G mobile phones to be supported by the five models (inbound refers to China Mobile's customized products), three The model phone is only available until April 30th. For mobile products that are not in storage, subsidies will be given, but subsidies for channels. At present, only the manufacturer of the five-mode chip is Qualcomm, which has greatly hit the domestic chip makers.

"The five models of domestic chip makers are still under development. It is expected that most of them will be launched in the second quarter. The most relevant products of the relevant terminals will be available in the third quarter. The temporary requirements of China Mobile are obviously forced by Telecom and China Unicom to launch 4G. Pressure," said a person who did not want to be named.

China Mobile's five-mode ten-frequency means that it can support TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, and GSM at the same time. The latter ten-frequency refers to the frequency band used by similar modes in different countries. The three modes are only TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM.

The data shows that in the second quarter of China Mobile last year, the first batch of 160,000 TD-LTE terminal bidding, because China Mobile adhered to the single-chip five-mode ten-frequency, Qualcomm alone accounted for 80% of the share, followed by Marvell, causing widespread doubts in the industry.

Since then, due to high cost and unfavorable promotion, China Mobile has relaxed its position to three models at the end of last year. Many manufacturers have also launched three-mode products in early 2014. One-time thousand-yuan 4G mobile phones have become hot spots.

But the three models have an obvious flaw, which is the limitation of the market. These terminals can only be operated domestically or under a network that supports TDD-LTE. This is inconsistent with China Mobile's strategy to achieve "one terminal travels all over the world." China Mobile chose to develop the three models first, and more hopes to bring the entire market to a larger scale through the three models, and then move to the five models.

A chip manufacturer told Tencent Technology that "the advantage of the five models is that it is convenient for users to roam globally. At present, 4G has just started in China, and the three models are more in line with user development. So how many people will go abroad to use 4G services? Obviously, the development of the 'Great Leap Forward' not only brings development difficulties to domestic chip makers, but also is not conducive to the development of 4G users."

Tang Jianfeng, deputy general manager of China Mobile Terminal Corporation, also said, “We believe that the five models and the three models are equally important, because the five models are more for the use of roaming customers, and the three models are more domestic customers.” For terminal manufacturers, the three-mode technology is simple, and the five-mode technology brings more challenges from the radio and other technologies.

At present, China Mobile’s latest user operation data has not yet displayed the number of domestic 4G users, but it can be speculated that it will not be too high. After all, it’s just getting started, plus the “4G tariffs to get a suite” that has been rumored for a while ago. Many users are discouraged from 4G.

At the end of last year, China Mobile revealed that by the first half of 2014, China Mobile will promote more than 50 types of 4G mobile phones. In 2014, more than 100 4G mobile phones will be sold in the market, and “three-mode five-frequency” terminals will be purchased in batches. . The industry believes that this procurement plan will benefit domestic chip giants. Now China Mobile suddenly turned to the five-mode, and the domestic chip makers ignored it.

Another chip person also told Tencent Technology, "We are not afraid to offend China Mobile. Although there is no way to catch up with Qualcomm's five-mode chip, but the notice has been made, we will speed up the launch of five-mode products, but this will increase the cost of the terminal. Undoubtedly, it also increases the user's purchase cost, which is not conducive to the initial promotion of 4G."

Although the five-mode ten-frequency is a future development trend, the speed is not up to speed.

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