CREATOR and HC Network jointly organized the “CREATOR” Cup Top Ten Brand Awards Ceremony

On March 12th, HC Network and CREATOR quickly held the CREATOR Cup Top Ten Brand Awards Ceremony in Guangzhou - Asia International Hotel. The festival gathered over ten national brands from over 100 national distributors, agents and 100 special judges. More than 60 well-known entrepreneurs, management scientists and HC network executives and industry media. Attend, witness the glorious course of the top ten national brand enterprises!

In the grand ceremony, CREATOR Chongtron's newly developed indoor full-color LED display was installed in the middle of the stage. The screen picture clearly shows the CREATOR 2010 vision. Thanks to your wider national tour schedule and the latest development of AV products. And CREATOR Chuangliang LED full color display performance description. The picture is as static as oil painting, moving like a rabbit, and the beautiful display effect is attracting everyone's attention and sizzling the atmosphere of the scene. Presented to the guests presenting a refreshing visual feast.

The indoor full-color LED display displayed at the awards ceremony is CREATOR's latest P-series full-color LED display. In combination with the current CREATOR Chuangator new LED three-in-one SMD patch technology, coupled with advanced drive technology, achieve a 1000HZ refresh rate, eliminating the stroboscopic phenomenon of the display. This series of indoor full-color LED displays quickly pushed to the market and caused a sensation, highlighting CREATOR's technological capabilities and competitive advantages in the market. The indoor full-color LED display appeals for high-refresh, high-brightness, high-resolution color screens for indoor locations.

CREATOR Chuangator's indoor full-color LED display has been recognized and adopted by the market, mainly because of its economical, cost-effective, and high reliability, allowing customers to easily upgrade display technology and improve competition under good cost control. force. As the market for LED displays has matured, under the pressure of fierce competition, customers want to continue to control the production cost of the display, while improving image quality and system reliability. CREATOR also promises to follow this market trend and continue to develop LED full color display products that meet customer needs, and provide the fastest delivery and best product quality.

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