CREE Tang Guoqing: Ten Cities and Ten Thousands Must Be Localized and Internationalized

At the "Second LED Industry Theme Summit Forum" held on May 23, CREE's general manager Tang Guoqing gave a speech on "Let's create a new era of LED lighting together". The editor of Optoelectronics News Network did it to him. In an exclusive interview, he was very excited about the country's recent "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" plan. Its character is refreshing, and the words always make people feel that there is endless passion.

He said: "I am the general manager of CREE China market development, and the executive vice president of Shanghai Photonics Industry Association, and the director of the Semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee of China Lighting Association. Sometimes people regard me as CREE, more often everyone Think of me as a representative of the industry."

Support the localization of “Ten Cities and Ten Thousands” but at the same time emphasize internationalization

In the national “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” plan, it is explicitly required to increase the proportion of localization. The specific details are as follows: 1) In the pilot phase, in 2009, 1 million LED municipal lighting fixtures were used in 21 pilot cities, of which the localization ratio of LED devices was 60%; 2) Demonstration phase (2010~2012), Completed the construction of 50 semiconductor lighting demonstration cities throughout China, applying 2 million LED municipal lighting fixtures. The target ratio of localization of LED devices is 70%.

CREE is a US company. The localization regulations may affect CREE's business. In this regard, Tang Guoqing said: "First, CREE's single largest shareholder is Chinese, accounting for 9.6% of the shares. Chinese people have certain in the company. The right to speak, this is one of the reasons why CREE put white light packaging in Huizhou. Of course, the biggest reason is that China has a broad market. The second point is that CREE Huizhou Company paid 58 million yuan last year and employs more than 1,500 people. You said CREE Isn't the product localized?” “Ten Cities and Ten Thousands” emphasizes that there is nothing wrong with localization, but at the same time it also emphasizes globalization and internationalization. China’s economic reform is a process of continuous openness. We cannot go back, he stressed.
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