Free VR box fun? Use to destroy three views

Last week at ChineYoye took a little toy and she looks like this. I believe that friends who have been to china joy this year should have lots of similar toys.

Yes, it is a cell phone VR glasses box, think about brother is playing too many varieties of VR shrimp, this box is full of curiosity.

I miss the VR boxes that I hadn't gotten in those years.


From the earliest Google VR box, X Bao Shi Lai dollars can be bought, do not look like a paper box, imaging effects can still be.

There is also this Glory V8 box.

These two kinds of VR are simple to make and can be used as a toy.


I heard that millet VR toy version has also been open beta recently, what kind of specific look at this one.


Let's look at my free box first.

The appearance still looks like a decent one.

This box is actually made by a game company. It is not professional to do VR glasses. It is purely playful.


Full-body plastic, the weight is not particularly heavy, but it will be a bit uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

The place to wear is a sponge, which is in contact with the skin.

There are two small buttons above, which can finely adjust the interpupillary distance. For myopia, this fine-tuning effect is not significant.

Open the front and you can see where you put your phone.

Support for the largest size is also iPhone 6S Plus . For example, the recently released Huawei note8 ah this 6.6 -inch mobile phone is no match .

The sponge can fix the phone.

The slits on both sides of the box can be connected to the headphone cable or something.

The box is not heavy, but with a mobile phone, there is a sense of weight in the hand.

Next is the focus, mobile phones, VR boxes, now to experience the content.


There are many VR apps on the APP store . The latest ones include Xiaomi VR , Storm VR , Orange VR , and 3D broadcast. Here we download two APPs , namely Orange VR , and 3D broadcast.

The box is stupid. You need to open the content and put it in the box before you wear it.


VR app content is still dominated by video, and eroticism is invisible.

Micro porn video is still very much.

There are many scary VR videos.

Now there are so many VR boxes like this, cheap dozens of pieces, expensive is hundreds of pieces, and some will be equipped with handles to experience simple VR games. Trying to play this kind of box as a toy in this type of box is still quite interesting, but once used it will be put there to eat ash. If you want to play VR, you have to have a real VR device.

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