From the see play, the next step is to use TV?

If we say that intelligence gives traditional television a new life in the Internet age. Then, Hisense, the brother of China's color TV market, has to give more lives to TVs with a second mission and function.

On May 8th, Hisense officially launched the “Enjoy” big screen e-commerce platform for millions of smart TV terminal users, giving TV a new mission of seeing play and then using it. The industry has entered a new direction of transformation and expansion of the e-commerce industry.
From last year's joint efforts with 10 domestic mainstream video sites to launch a cross-platform "come together" smart TV content platform, this year at the beginning of this year, Tencent released "Gathering" smart TV boutique game platform, and this year, South Korea's largest Korea-based Korean cultural platform The K In order to create a “savor to enjoy” smart TV shopping platform, Hisense has continued to explore new business models for excavating the living room economy through cross-border cooperation while it has given TV more missions in recent years.

Looking at the development of China's smart TV market in recent years, most of them still remain in the extension and expansion of TV watching and playing functions. The first step of Hisense’s exploration of the TV function through the “Enjoy” platform is that after more than three years of continuous development and deployment, the smart large-screen TV has become the most important entrance to the home living room Internet. Its potential commercial value is no longer Ya Yu current PC Internet and mobile Internet.

Analysts pointed out that with the rapid landing of the Internet + strategy in the TV market and the rapid development of broadband penetration and smart TV market, the commercial value space of the living room economy will be as high as 360 billion yuan, which is expected to become the current Chinese color TV companies in the Internet. The time has come for the biggest enthusiasm for operating transformation and business model changes.

As the highest share of China's market share, the company invested the earliest TV company in the field of smart TV, and the cumulative activation of Hisense Smart TV in April this year has exceeded 10 million units. With excellent product advantages and an intelligent, one-step layout, Hisense is expected to snatch a new outlet for the “living room economy”.

Compared with many powerful platforms currently existing in domestic e-commerce and overseas e-commerce markets, Hisense’s launch of “Enjoy” is the first cross-border shopping product based on smart TV platforms, and it focuses on home-based boutique shopping. The reporter learned that “Enjoy” has not only brought together Hisense’s boutique home appliance products, but also established a strategic partnership with TheK Group, Korea’s largest Korean streaming culture comprehensive service platform, to provide TV users with genuine Korean goods and direct mail services, and enjoy Airport Duty Free Shop with same price and other benefits.

This means that Hisense has not only quickly shaken the “business model” of the traditional color TV company through cross-border fission, but also explored continuous transformation from TV makers to service providers. At the same time, it also involves cross-border cooperation with South Korean platform companies, and continues to enrich the platform's service content and service resources on the road to meet the needs of users.

In this regard, Hisense Haishi CEO Yu Zhitao disclosed that “Polysense is a bold attempt of cross-border e-commerce in Hisense, and is another cross-border attempt. In the future, Hisense will be based on VIDAA smart TV system, will Video, game, education and other core smart TV services are interconnected to create a new model of scene shopping, providing users with better services and experiences."

From last year's independent display technology ULED TV to open the "hard and hard" positive contest between Chinese companies and Japanese and Korean companies in TV display technology, released a new upgraded VIDAA3 smart TV operating system earlier this year, and upgraded to X system established in the software definition With a place in hardware capabilities, in the face of the current intense competition in the global color TV market, Hisense took the lead in completing the “soft-hard-collaboration” dual-drive system and realized the coordinated development of traditional TV display attributes and scene application attributes, thereby bringing together a large number of users and Fans.

Market data shows that in countries such as the United States, South Korea, and Japan, sales in the TV shopping industry account for approximately 8% to 12% of total retail sales of consumer goods, while China's share is less than 1%. China's TV shopping industry has tremendous growth potential and potential. It is estimated that by 2016, the scale of China's TV shopping market will exceed the 100 billion mark.

Currently, Hisense has more than 10 million smart TV users, and plans to reach the goal of 30 million smart TV users in 2017. The on-line launch of the “Enjoy” purchase of large-screen e-commerce platform succeeded in allowing Hisense to grab the parlor's economic entrance while also realizing the realisation and commercial development of millions of smart TV user assets.

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