Full support for "China Group Buying Alliance"

Liao Kui, Chairman of Chengdu Dongheng International Boutique Lighting City

Dongheng International Boutique Lighting City is located on the side of the First Ring Road. It is mainly for the customers in the city, with retail and engineering as the main sales models. We have not participated in group buying activities before. The emergence of the "China Group Buying Alliance", in my opinion, it broke the mode of operation and thinking of the general group buying activities, "China Group Buying Alliance" is the integration of the entire home improvement industry, which is unprecedented. It requires strict membership requirements, unlike unidentified members of general group buying activities, which may lead to a variety of personnel disrupting group buying activities. This is the main difference between the "China Group Buying Alliance" and general group buying activities.

The group purchase model will not only improve the reputation of Dongheng International Lighting City, but also bring more convenience and benefits to the merchants, especially for some merchants who want to represent multiple brands. At the same time, it also provides a lot of industry information for the merchants.

We are very supportive of the group buying model, decided to lead by the leadership team, and vigorously promote the "China Group Buying Alliance", so that it can not only be effectively carried out and implemented in our lighting city, but also make it a household name. (Chengdu Workstation reporter Yuan Qing reports)

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