Global users witness Haier refrigerators to be the first in four consecutive years

“The key to the success of Haier’s global brand strategy lies in Haier’s 'localized innovation in the global context.'” Recently, Professor Liu Xue, deputy dean of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, spoke highly of Haier’s ability to innovate. As a leader in the refrigerator industry, Haier has been launching high-quality differentiated products with innovative technologies for more than 20 years. It has not only won praises from users all over the world, but also opened up the global market for four consecutive years. A brand.

Innovation not only meets user needs with differentiated products

From the birth of the first refrigerator to the world's first, Haier refrigerator only took 24 years, and in the following four years, Haier refrigerator has been the world's number one seat. The former chairman of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, praised in public: "Haier is growing so fast that it is ahead of European home appliance companies."

Winning the world's number one for four consecutive years is the result of Haier Refrigerator's continuous introduction of high-quality differentiated products, which also makes Haier Refrigerator the most competitive Chinese refrigerator brand in the world. Professor Liu Xue pointed out that Haier develops and produces high-quality products that meet the needs of local consumers according to the characteristics of customers in different regional markets, and provides high-quality services to build customer loyalty. This is the key to Haier's success. .

Haier refrigerators have also demonstrated this by introducing differentiated products that meet local needs around the world. In France, Haier has launched a refrigerator with a height of 177cm for the needs of local citizens in Paris. In Thailand, Haier has launched a large capacity of 663 liters for consumers' demand for large frozen and refrigerated space. On the open door refrigerator; in China, Haier has launched a frost-free three-door refrigerator in the industry, and zero frost has been a star product since its launch.

The high quality of word-of-mouth is widely recognized by users around the world.

It is precisely because of the continuous satisfaction of the needs of global users, Haier refrigerator has won wide acclaim from users around the world. “This refrigerator has exceeded my expectations in many places and has met all my needs.” In Sydney, Australia, Rachel said the voice of Haier refrigerator users. At the same time, Venezuelan President Chavez introduced Haier refrigerators to the people, saying that "Haier's sales in Venezuela are very good and in line with the living habits of the Venezuelan people."

The user's praise for Haier refrigerator products is on the market, which is the rapid and steady growth of Haier refrigerators in the global market. In France, Haier refrigerators increased by more than 30% in 2011; in Nigeria, up to 33% of the products sold in the market are manufactured by Haier; in Thailand, the overall sales of Haier refrigerators in 2011 increased by 40%; in the United States, Haier refrigerators realized With rapid development, it has successfully entered the top ten mainstream sales channels such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy, and has become a favorite home appliance brand for American consumers.

Not only that, the global media's key reports on Haier refrigerators also reflect the increase in brand awareness and influence. The well-known Spanish media Empresas reported on Haier's interactive activities on Facebook and offline user experience activities in France; the best-selling magazines in France also praised the Haier MY ZONE series of frost-free three-door refrigerators, all of which reflected the local mainstream media. Highly recognized for Haier refrigerators.

With the continuous expansion of Haier refrigerators in the world, the leading role of the refrigerator industry, which has long been dominated by European and American home appliance brands, is gradually moving eastward. Haier refrigerators have become the dominant player in the development of the global refrigerator industry. With differentiated and innovative products, Haier Refrigerator has gained the reputation of global users and also demonstrated the brand strength of Chinese home appliances.

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