Hai Platinum Crystal's total investment of 3 billion yuan large-size sapphire project officially put into operation

[High-tech LED reporter report] On February 10th, the opening ceremony of Suzhou Haibo Crystal Co., Ltd. and the sapphire product and technology conference was held, and Gaogong LED was invited to participate in the conference. At the meeting, the company officially displayed a 4-inch, 6-inch sapphire substrate and a sapphire ingot.

According to Fang Jianxiong, president of Haibo Crystal, the company's sapphire crystal project has a planned investment of 3 billion yuan, locking in the large-size sapphire substrate market at home and abroad. The project will be implemented in two phases: the first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation, and the annual sales will be 1.5 billion yuan. After the second phase of the project is completed, the annual sales will be about 3 billion yuan. By the end of 2013, the company will form an annual production capacity of 4 million pieces (4 inches).

Fang Jianxiong revealed that the company's products have been highly recognized by Taiwan and mainland China's top LED blue-light epitaxial wafer manufacturing companies, and the samples have been well received by customers after trial use. Haibo Crystal has formed a strong industrial strategic alliance with many LED blue-emitting epitaxial wafers, LED packaging and LED system product manufacturing companies in Taiwan and the mainland, with a view to maximizing the group and scale benefits in the LED industry.

In view of the fact that the domestic sapphire substrate is still dominated by 2 inches, Fang Jianxiong said that the future domestic market performance will only account for 20% of the company's total performance. Most of the business will be dominated by Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. Sapphire substrates are moving toward large sizes.

It is understood that Hai Platinum's sapphire crystal technology is an advanced thermal control method, which transforms the traditional sapphire crystal from the art process into the craft production process for centuries. The advantages of the advanced thermal control method are to greatly increase the yield of the product, and the yield can reach more than 80%; the product size can be greatly increased, and the maximum size can reach 10 inches. In addition, advanced thermal control can significantly increase the material usage of sapphire ingots, up to 80%.

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