Hetang Lighting Industry Association established the first director to serve

On the afternoon of August 13th, in the International Conference Hall of Hetang Garden Hotel, accompanied by the passionate music, the Hetang Town Lighting Industry Association was established and the inaugural ceremony of the first board of directors was held. The Deputy Secretary-General of China Lighting Association, Dou Linping and Jiangmen City Quality Director of the Technical Supervision Bureau Cai Zhumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hetang Town, Guoliang Liang, Mayor Li Zhigang, Editor-in-Chief of China Lighting News, Euro Spring, and Jiangmen City Hetang Chamber of Commerce leaders attended the event.

Strong lineup of the association

The meeting heard the "Report on the Preparation Work of Jiangmen Hetang Lighting Industry Association" and reviewed and approved the "Articles of Association of Jiangmen Hetang Lighting Industry Association" and "The First Council Election Method of Jiangmen Hetang Lighting Industry Association".

At the meeting, Tao Hailiang, general manager of Jiangmen Leading Lighting Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. was elected as the president, and Jiangmen City was elected as the general manager of Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. (Mini Lighting) Li Junjie, General Manager of Jiangmen Pengjiang District Mingju Lighting Factory Wo Guang, General Manager of Jiangmen Genesis Technology Co., Ltd. (Boni Lighting) Zhu Zhongwu, General Manager of Jiangmen Pengjiang District Hetang Zhida Lighting Appliance Factory Ge Jianzhe, General Manager of Jiangmen Pengjiang District Ouzhiyuan Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Liao Hongliang was the vice president, and Zhang Yonglian, deputy secretary-general of the Hetang Chamber of Commerce, was appointed as the secretary-general. He hired the Deputy Secretary-General of China Lighting Association, Dou Linping, and the editor-in-chief of China Lighting News, Euro Spring, as the first consultant of the Lotus Lighting Industry Association. The relevant leaders issued the first president, vice president, secretary general, director, and consultant plaque of the Lotus Lighting Industry Association.

President-elect Tao Hailiang delivered a speech. He expressed his support to the Jiangmen Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the Pengjiang District Party Committee, the District Government, the Hetang Town Party Committee, the Town Government, the Hetang Chamber of Commerce and other leaders and the community. The people expressed their heartfelt thanks.

Lotus Pond Lighting Industry Need Association

After years of development, there are more than 200 lighting companies in Hetang, and the lighting industry has begun to take shape. However, due to the increasing competition in the market this year, many problems have arisen in the lighting industry. Many companies have created the demand for the establishment of lighting industry associations in the new market competition environment. Today, at the request of the majority of lighting companies, the Hetang Lighting Industry Association was established. The Association will guide the development of lighting industry associations with the scientific development concept, and always aim at unity, service, assistance and development, condense the wisdom and strength of all member companies, and give full play to the resources advantages of members to improve and expand the services of the association. In the field; strive to improve the quality of its members, create a new situation in the work of the lighting industry association; realize the good wishes of the lighting industry associations that unite, innovate and harmonious at an early date; and make new contributions to the economic development and social development of Hetang Town.

Tao Hailiang said that the work of the newly established association will focus on publicizing and implementing the relevant national policies, laws and regulations, assisting the competent government departments in carrying out industry management, guiding members to carry out business activities according to law, and studying the management theory and methods of the lighting industry to explore suitable China's national lighting management model provides a basis for government departments to formulate policies and provide practical guidance for lighting companies; the association will also formulate rules and regulations, strengthen industry self-discipline, timely reflect the wishes and requirements of member units, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members. The Association will also carry out training in various forms, coordinate the relevant industrial relations of the Association, strengthen information exchange and cooperation within and outside the Association, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with the lighting industry at home and abroad to promote advanced management experience and management methods. Provide various forms of technical consultation and services for enterprises; the association will also organize various exhibitions and investment inspections, expand the operation provider machines and platforms for members, and undertake other tasks entrusted by government departments.

Tao Hailiang also pointed out that the newly established association will strictly abide by the "Lighting Industry Association Charter", with a pragmatic style, continue to strengthen the team, strengthen services, to serve the government, service industry, service consumers for the purpose. Tao Hailiang said that he will do his utmost to work hard, deepen the enterprise, strengthen communication with the members of the board of directors, and never let down the expectations of all members. I hope that everyone will go hand in hand and push the development of the association to a new milestone.

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