How to Use Millet TV to See the Complete Works of the 24 Hour Season 2

The second series of the second season of "24 Hours", a large-scale original series of outdoor reality reality show created by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Tang Dynasty, was aired at Zhejiang Satellite TV on February 17 at 22:00. In the third program, six space-time sailors Chen Kun, Han Geng, Wu Lei, Da Zhangwei, Dong Li, and Zhou You came to the blue sky and blue sea in Krabi, Thailand, and joined Wu Hao, Zhang Hao, and Zhang Meng to open the “Mysterious Island”. adventure.

In this program, Chen Kun, Zhou You, and Wu Hao form an undercover team and need to find curse perfumes that will be eliminated when others do not know it. This task sounded intense and irritating, but the netizens who watched the program could not laugh or cry: "This is really the most undercover hardcover in history."

“The program has recorded 20 times from the first quarter to the present and it has finally won!” At the end of the program, Wu Lei held high the “The Goddess of the Sea” token “trident”. Before each issue of Wu Lei was not Han Gengkeng, or was Chen Kunkeng. In the second quarter, the "Lei Li" brothers formed with Dong Dali were mutually exclusive, energetic, and convincing.

On the other side, “Game Devil” Han Geng encountered Waterloo, and he was eliminated because of his ability to be “pulled and hated” early. At the end of the game, we all know that Han Geng has already left the game and the whole game is boiling. Han Geng's heart os: It's too strange for me to be strange.

What challenges will the sailors face in the future? Stay tuned at 22:00 on Friday for the second quarter of Zhejiang TV's "24 Hours". Millet TV and other smart TV users have many ways to watch.

[Live mode]

Millet and other brands of smart TV users can install "TV Cat" through the sofa butler and lock Zhejiang TV's live sofa butler installation package". Sofa butler installation package.apk

TV Cat Zhejiang TV Live screenshot

[On-demand method]

Install "Tencent Video TV Edition" through the sofa butler to watch 24 hours of the second season's wonderful on-demand and full version of the first quarter.
Tencent Video TV Edition Install Package" Tencent Video TV Version .apk

The 24 Hours of the second quarter video screenshots being played

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