Hydrogen-hydrogen is placed on the old desk! OnePlus Plus 3 Phone Review

Dad said that the iPhone 4s has a small screen that is too old to see. So he helped the dad find a mobile phone.

The demand is simple: large screen, smooth transition ios system

Speaking of the smooth transition ios had to say Meizu, so I began to see Meizu's new flagship MX6, as long as 1999! However, I didn't buy it.... I saw Nubian, Dafa, ZUK, and LeTV....I wasn't very satisfied. Suddenly I remembered seeing Wang Wangru's evaluation video of 1+ mobile phone, feeling hydrogen OS and iPhone is also like! When Shangguan.net found that there are 21 minutes to count down to start selling! This is not what God intended? ?

Take it easy!

The official website shows that the typhoon landing may affect the logistics speed, I query the official website logistics has always been displayed in Shenzhen, today actually arrived ... saying that the official website of the logistics update really does not give force...

Demolition demolition!

When I was about to tear the seal, I found that it was not tight and I was opened....

Warranty card, invoice



Open again

The place where the mobile phone is stored is plastic, and if the camera is opened directly, then can I send a mobile phone shell? The following is the instructions, warranty card, card pin and sticker

Plug + type-c data line, red or very buzzing, not easily dirty than the white, the plug is DASH speed, output 5V-4A, behind the actual measurement charging really fast!

Extinguishing screen aesthetics (sorry, because the phone hasn't been given to Daddy yet, the film wasn't peeled off, only the net license was torn)

Simple back, much like HTC's M10

The camera, the only unhappy outstanding ... Fortunately, the phone shell can solve the problem ...

The left button, which is different from the iPhone, is that the mute button can be pushed up and down. It is divided into three sections which are mute, do not disturb mode and ring (sound mode).

High-shear chamfer, not rubbing hands, one sense is very strong, very angry, I hope that will not bump into the flowers in the future .... Mobile phone on the right side from the top is the SIM card card, and then the lock screen button

Support blind insertion, I would like to know why the mobile phone that supports the blind plug-in SIM card can not support dual telecommunications?

Sensor, the left is the breathing light, then the front camera and distance sensor, and finally the receiver, black no brain love! Like a black screen when in one sense!

Boot, the front of the ellipse below the bottom of the fingerprint is fingerprint identification, is not down (it seems to adapt), fingerprint unlock key can be touched to return to the desktop (commonly known as the home button), there are two buttons on the left and right sides, the left is the multi-tasking button The right is the return. (Nima, what am I writing. Aren't all Android so?)

Temporarily no card, various confirmation points


Nobody ever read the user agreement....

Successfully set up!

Go in to see the unique wallpaper pattern of hydrogen OS, suggest how to use

Discover updates, point! On the way to check the next 1 + how the screenshot (lz press the off key + volume key plus has been a failure) the original as long as the three fingers sliding on the screen can screenshot!

Lock screen is very simple ios....

Before and after the update

The factory comes with the application (basically I've finished the unloading, and the old man doesn't have to waste)

Folder style, specifically to the application transferred to the bottom, you can thumb to cover the place. Unloading is a long press and then drag it to the trash to confirm.

The hydrogen window of the stand-alone home page displays calendars, card vouchers and notes.
Long press hydrogen window can replace window wallpaper and time style. The theme color will be selected by the person according to the color of the wallpaper. The overall feeling of color is very beautiful hydrogen!

The phone comes with a video file, 10 wallpapers?

Tap video

The weather application should be called a gyroscope. It's not the same angle as the oblique grabbing and the holding raindrops. It's very innovative. It will be addictive if you look at it for a long time.

Clock application, the official gave two sets of alarm clock, moving the brick can not be nine to five ah .... Then there is world time



Calendar application, in short, feel less used calendar application ....

The camera interface is very simple, flash, HQ (High Quality HD, that is, HD has changed the name ....), HDR (do not have to introduce it? Multi-synthesizing, nothing to open does not affect what)

At first, you will find that you can't view the photos without actually using the album button! When Tucao thought about it, I didn't think that the mobile phone manufacturer would do it! A gesture slips to discover the New World!

Slide left and click on the three bars in the upper left corner to select the type of photo. Swipe right to enter the album. These gestures all require learning costs, but it is very easy to adapt to it later! You can also slide up and down on the camera interface to switch between picture recording delays.

After entering the photo type selection interface, there is a setting in the upper right corner, you can set the photo position, shutter sound, save RAW

One plus store, some software is a plus special edition

To switch from the phone interface to the dialing interface, just click on the red button at the bottom of the screen


The calculator is very apple, except that the colors are different and the others are similar and concise.

More buttons will appear on the horizontal screen, but after the school gate is basically not used...

Software management application, clean up the rubbish point in the lower right corner of the broom just fine, do not have to choose a lot of things, the phone is used to use, do not toss the best!

There is no SIM card, the basic is to set monthly monthly traffic waiting for flow ....

Bring your own best! Now telecommunications fraud is too much! Use other "security software" (not named) easy to be big gift package...

Permissions settings and other old people choose to install the software to help him set up later, a bunch of software to the location and SMS permissions, very scientific! There is no big reason for Apple's security...

Electricity ... support fast charge is what clouds!

Basically no power consumption in standby (perhaps no reason for not loading too much software)

Charging speed really fast! The remaining 40% rushed to 60% in 10 minutes, 80% in 20 minutes, and forgot to charge in the morning to get up and brush your teeth for a while to maintain a mild morning use! Fragmentation charging will be the trend in the future! Apple must keep up!

Charging interface

10 minutes 60%

20 minutes 80%

In addition to qq and WeChat and other necessary communication software to give notice of authority, all other closed! Save power and eliminate unnecessary traffic loss!

Sticky note, click there to use instructions, you can also open in the hydrogen window, in short, the old man will not be used....

The bottom several are insert photo album pictures, insert shooting pictures, points, check

The feeling of email is also not used....

The setup also removes unnecessary items. When Android was just launched, there were too many options and dazzling. Often people are holding mobile phones to say why the mobile phone is how it works. If you help me tune it up, the last thing is mostly nothing.

Specifically cut off a three-stage switch diagram, which should be unique to 1+.

The volume is still OK! Not comparable to the big horn of the cottage, but the sound is open to the maximum without burr, very elegant ~ In short, the old 爹 ears are not very good, open to the maximum!

Learn ios joined the eye model, that yellow ah ...


Account, you can join WeChat qq microblogging or something. Unified management is pretty good!

Personally feel that these gestures function well, afraid that the old man mistakenly touch off, the experience is still good! Reflected quickly! Turning these on will certainly have an impact on battery power. As for how much standby time will be reduced, it will not be tested again. It is worth mentioning that after the home key is entered into the fingerprint, the test is much faster than the iPhone 6! (Iphone6s speed can not be compared, visual inspection should be almost fast!) And can be directly lit when the screen is turned off! Convenient! The home button uses a ceramic process, so home will be slightly grayish, black screen and screen color, does not affect the use, after all, than the iphone sapphire cheaper! (Capacitive conductivity is similar) In pursuit of cost-effectiveness, we must compromise on some materials.

Discovery settings inside teaching screenshots onlookers

The information application is quite satisfactory, and almost the same as the iphone, nothing has changed

Multitasking interface

Browser, point to open a warm reminder, anyway, will not see also know what it is, little bit!

Card design, slide it all can be closed

The browser is also a thing that the daddy doesn't quite use. If I use it, I also use chrome to walk. After all, many things can be synchronized with the computer. What is the shadow shuttle?

to sum up:

Daddy loves it! Can not put it down!

802 with 6GB memory 64GB memory, can be said

It will not fall behind in 3 years! (There will be no major changes to the game within 3 years, but I don't play games anymore...) The oldest guy can also be happy to take photos everywhere to make friends!

1+ Changed the shortcut setting of the Android pull-down menu to the same pull-up menu as Apple, but LZ can't always cut it down.... So here's a note!

Charging really fast! However, with the fast charge plug, the official website 99 yuan, plus type-c data line small 200! It is worth mentioning that the official website has fast car charger! 199 yuan, there is a car to buy one!

Disadvantages: There is no provision of cloud services, the future cloud service is king! Although Daddy does not use this feature, other mobile phone users may still need it. (The good news is that this function was tested.) Secondly, the first time the software is turned on, it's better to have a guided instruction. This is similar to a camera that requires a learning cost for sliding operation.

Because it is a short review, I only wrote some self-applied appraisals. I didn't write it well enough. Fortunately, most of the people using Android know the content. Now, basically no one buys an appliance to read the manual (just like the user manual. ), so mainly in the show.

This short commentary was written in a few days, so it may not be coherent in thought, the content is also scattered, there are mistakes or omissions!

In short, this phone is basically free of defects or short boards. It is a bonus item from the exterior to the system! People can see the rise of domestic mobile phones, but also changed the impression of the domestic mobile phone cottage, Apple's future enemies may not come from Silicon Valley, but from China's Zhongguancun or Huaqiang North!    

I really like the exclamation mark! ! ! !

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