In the field of home lighting applications, LED is still in the auxiliary light source stage.

In 2009, the leader of global lighting - Philips, high-profile LED home lighting into the main direction, while the home lighting giant Op has also officially launched Meizu dimming remote LED ceiling lights, so that we can not help but see the potential of LED into the home lighting and hope.

However, Chen Dahua, a professor at the Institute of Electric Light Sources at Fudan University, calmly pointed out: "The current development potential of LED in the field of lighting is very large, but it is an indisputable fact that it is difficult to study as a lighting subject and the product quality is far from mature." Tan Haojun, general manager of Liquan Lighting, who is doing the "wind and water" in the LED desk lamp field, is also not optimistic about the use of LED in home lighting. He said: "LED can be used as a starting point in the home lighting, and if it is a function Main lighting is more difficult. This also means that LED as the main light source really enters the homes of ordinary people, and it takes more time.

Highlights of LED lighting

For consumers, in order to create a warm home atmosphere, lighting is indispensable, the light is projected on the ground, on the walls, furniture, and the magical effect is difficult to describe in words. Therefore, in the choice of home lighting, in addition to the emphasis on style, consumers pay more attention to the lighting effect of the product, and the lighting effect is the light source. Therefore, home lighting puts certain requirements on the light source.

LEDs are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert electricity directly into light. Its unparalleled advantages of traditional light source can be applied to the requirements of light source in home lighting, as follows:

1. Safe. LEDs use low-voltage power supplies, which are a safer power source than high-voltage power supplies, which is ideal for safety-conscious household consumers.

2, energy saving. It consumes 80% less energy than incandescent lamps with the same light efficiency. It saves energy and saves money for consumers. It is a two-pronged thing;

3. Environmental protection. LEDs are made of non-toxic materials, do not pollute the environment, can be recycled and reused, very suitable for families;

4, long life. In theory, the life span can reach 100,000 hours, and the light decay is 50% of the initial;

5, sturdy and durable. The LED is basically a small chip that is encapsulated in epoxy resin, which is stronger than the bulb and fluorescent tube;

6, small size. It can be made into various shapes of devices, and is suitable for changing environments. It can also be integrated with the home environment through the design of the luminaire to achieve the effect of “seeing the light without seeing the light”;

7, brightness and dimmable color, can meet the requirements of color atmosphere in home lighting.

More importantly, due to the controllability of LED light sources, home lighting can be brought into the intelligent era. LEDs can be combined with computers to take full advantage of their dimming characteristics, perform full color temperature adjustment, and build intelligent lighting systems to provide consumers with the most comfortable and efficient lighting at specific times. For example, the “Meizu” dimming remote control LED ceiling lamp launched by Opp can adjust the brightness according to different life scenes, and it is also equipped with a remote control switch, which can be turned off for 30 seconds or 30 minutes by remote control for people's lives. Provided for convenience.
Technology and supporting design still need to be upgraded. Just like Liu Yun, general manager of TNV Tianli Lighting Division, LED is still in the early stage of growth in home lighting. Although LEDs have many advantages in home lighting, LED lighting is not perfect, and various technologies need further development. For example, LED lighting products' output power and luminous flux, secondary optical design, thermal design and other issues need to be gradually improved.
In this series of questions, Liu pointed out that the biggest difficulty in using LEDs in home lighting is the heat dissipation problem. Because of the limitation of the principle of LED illumination, it is necessary to have a heat dissipation function under the premise of ensuring safety. If ordinary plastic materials are used, the LED lights will become softer after a few hours. Therefore, in order to ensure the life and safety of the lamp, the LED light source puts higher requirements on the design and materials of the structural parts.
At present, the heat-dissipating material generally used in the market is aluminum, but the aluminum material is relatively expensive, and the price of the kitchen lamp is too high, and the market is difficult to accept. “When the product is usually made, the heat temperature of the selected material should reach 120 degrees. When we are developing the LED kitchen light, we use the PC raw material of Bayer in Germany to do the experiment. It can be flame retardant, weather resistant and temperature resistant. Can also meet the requirements." And as the main source of home lighting, LED lights in the light effect, color rendering, color temperature, power and other issues also need to be resolved.
"In terms of production process, compared with traditional home lighting, the difference between LED home lighting is: 1, the aging process of lamp high temperature, high voltage, low voltage, etc.; 2, electrical control, alternating current control changes, because LED is It is necessary to pass the direct current; 3, the design, material, shape, internal structure must have corresponding changes, especially pay attention to the use of the breaker, so that the lighting and LED light source can operate relatively independently and not affect each other." talk about LED home lighting production When the process was different, Li Junjie, chairman of Minnie Lighting, came. Due to the different production processes and the “style-first” psychology of consumers' choice of home lighting, when LED is applied to home lighting, the requirements for materials, style design and epitaxial materials will be higher.

Cost is the biggest bottleneck in development. People in the industry have said that at present, the biggest problem is that LEDs cannot enter ordinary households. The main factor affecting the price is that the cost of LED home lighting is too high.
“The principle of illumination determines the cost of the product. LED home lighting is at least 100% more expensive than traditional home lighting, specifically: 1. The cost of the light source itself is more than half the cost of the traditional light source; 2. Because the light source is based on the principle of light emission The material requirements of the pieces are quite high, resulting in half the cost, that is, the structural parts will be half higher than the traditional ones." Liu Yun, general manager of TNV Tianli Lighting Division pointed out. Among them, the cost of the light source itself is mainly LED chips, because most of them rely on imports, so the price remains high.
Xie Yingxiong, general manager of Xiongji Lighting, told reporters about the LED modern lights that he launched in September: "The cost of raw materials for this LED modern lamp is 800-1000 yuan, and the market price is 2,000 yuan. It uses more than 600 lamps. Beads (50 light cups, one light cup and 12 light beads), only the cost of the lamp bead is 700-800 yuan; if using halogen light as the light source, a modern low-voltage lamp needs twenty or thirty light beads, the cost of the lamp bead Only a few dollars."
Even if you just do an LED desk lamp, the cost is not low. Tan Haojun, general manager of Liquan Lighting, pointed out: "Ordinary desk lamps are generally 100 yuan, and LED desk lamps will be 30%-40% higher." This is still a conservative estimate. Because LEDs require aluminum substrates, heat sinks, drivers, etc. Add up to almost half the cost of LED drivers. The cost of the light source is the largest. The cost of a simple light fixture, LED light source accounts for 60%. Complex, you need to open the mold, the cost is even greater."

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