Intelligent lighting brings huge business opportunities. The market demand will exceed 100 billion yuan in the next five years.

Smart cities, connected lighting, and smart lighting have become hot topics in recent years. How smart street lamps and smart lighting are truly promoted and applied in the grand strategy of smart cities has become an issue of increasing concern to the public.

Yesterday (23rd), led by Shanghai European and American Alumni Association, combined with Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association, Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association, City Federation of Industry and Commerce, City Overseas Chinese Federation, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong (Regional) Chamber of Commerce - Shanghai, Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce, etc. The “Sea Salon – Connected Lighting Lights Smart City” expert seminar hosted by seven institutions was held in Shanghai. Nearly 200 government officials, authoritative experts, overseas students, engineering design units and companies and other representatives have in-depth discussions on the accelerated construction of smart cities and the widespread use of smart lighting.

What can I do in addition to lighting?

Most of the existing street lamps are common in style and lack expandability, and the valuables of smart street lamps are innovating. According to reports, Shanghai Sansi Electronics took the lead in proposing the concept of "light networking" 10 years ago. With lighting equipment as the carrier, it integrates the management functions of monitoring, monitoring, communication, instruction, lighting, etc. in one city, and finally forms an efficient, Simple, instant urban management interconnect system. Nowadays, relying on a small LED street light, it can realize various functions such as intelligent charging of electric vehicles, free wireless Internet access, video monitoring, and information push.

In addition, this street light can also be used as a street light for urban security and traffic management probes. With the wide application of big data, different videos can be compared and analyzed for transportation, social security management and serving the people. The city will add One by one, the watchmen who silently protect the peace of life of the people.

Chen Bishou, chairman of Shanghai Sansi Electronics, said that Sansi's integrated system technology can fully apply the idea of ​​the lighting network to urban management. The use of smart street lights and interconnected lighting to achieve effective and efficient management of the city is an important way to promote the development strategy of the national smart city, and the future will certainly have a lot to offer.

Smart lighting demand will exceed 100 billion

In recent years, building smart cities and promoting urban development have been included in important work areas by the state. On April 7, 2015, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the third batch of national smart city pilot lists, and identified 84 cities (districts, counties, and towns) as new pilots for national smart cities in 2014, and 13 cities ( Districts, counties) In order to expand the scope of the pilot, plus the previously announced 193 national smart city pilots, the current national smart city pilot has reached 290.

As an important part of a smart city, smart lighting has also been highly valued and promoted by relevant departments. At present, with the acceleration of urbanization, the procurement volume and construction scale of urban public lighting facilities are increasing, forming a huge purchasing pool. However, the consequent urban lighting management contradictions are becoming more and more obvious. The three most prominent contradictions are the great consumption of energy, the excessive maintenance cost of lighting fixtures, and the incompatibility with other public equipment. The emergence of smart lighting will undoubtedly greatly change this situation and effectively promote the acceleration of the smart city process.

Experts predict that the market demand for smart lighting will exceed 100 billion yuan in the next five years, bringing huge business opportunities to the lighting technology industry.

Authoritative experts to promote smart lighting

Although the concept of smart lighting is very popular and has been applied worldwide, China's Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Dongguan and other places have also launched intelligent lighting renovation projects for LED street lights, but in many cities it is not widely used, the public and The application department's perception of this technology and application is relatively lagging behind. For example, whether the technical level of smart lighting systems is fully mature; how smart lighting systems are integrated and compatible with other urban management systems; how the social effects of smart lighting and actual value complement each other, these issues also seriously affect the wisdom of wisdom in wisdom Widespread promotion and application in cities.

To this end, the theme of the salon was “Connected Lighting to Light up Smart Cities”, and invited Zhang Zhongwei, Director of the Development Planning Department of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the “Thousand Talents Program” expert of the city, and the Vice President of the City and Europe Alumni Association Yu Bing, Shanghai Transportation Wang Dong, a university professor, Wang Xiaoming, an expert from Shanghai Lighting Association, and Wang Yinghua, general manager of Shanghai Sansi Technology Development Co., Ltd., attended the lecture. From the development trend of interconnected lighting in smart cities, professional management, and promotion and promotion, we will jointly explore the smart city road of interconnected lighting in the era of “Internet +”.

Wang Jianmin, secretary-general of the Shanghai-European Alumni Association, said in an interview that in the future, he will continue to hold similar high-level seminars with the advantages of Shanghai, Europe and America Alumni Association in terms of talents, platforms and resources, and actively promote the scale application of smart lighting. It should contribute to the accelerated development of smart cities in China.

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