Ion source and LED drive together into competitors

With the development of science and technology, foreign scientists have been trying to develop a new type of illumination source plasma lamp. The plasma lamp is a new type of electromagnetic wave that has risen in the energy field in recent years, which stimulates the luminescent substance in the electrodeless glass lamp ball, so that the luminescent material produces a continuous visible spectrum, and only emits a small amount of UV and IR, which is a high-efficiency illumination system. At the 2010 Performance Equipment Technology and Stage Art Development Summit Forum, Professor Peng Miaoyan, director of the Institute of Audiovisual and Lighting Technology of Guangzhou University, proposed that LED lights and plasma lamps have become a competitive development.

LED lighting era is coming

The fourth-generation light-emitting diode (LED) is currently the fastest growing and is considered to be a new source with broad prospects.

LED has many advantages: (1), long life, up to 100,000 hours. (In incandescent lamps only 1000 hours or less) (2), low power consumption, power saving. (The above are the two most important advantages of LED) (3), the structure is firm. (4), the startup time is short. (5) The illuminator is close to the electric light source and has a small size. (6), can be made into thin lamps.

LEDs are currently widely used in the field of lighting. The more mature applications of LED lighting technology include: signal lighting, landscape lighting, local lighting (such as table lamps) and large-screen video display. And gradually enter the field of stage lighting.

LEDs are developing rapidly, but there are also shortcomings to be overcome: (1) insufficient brightness; (2) high price; (3) single variety: single plane arrangement mode, the beam is not adjustable (the spot is not adjustable); 4), sensitive to temperature: heat dissipation problem is more difficult to solve.

Then, in order to achieve wide access to the general lighting field, LEDs need to solve the following problems: (1) sufficient light flux, more than a thousand lumens; (2) light color close to white light; (3) good color rendering; (4) The appropriate price; (5), as artistic lighting or signal lighting, is to directly view the light emitted by the LED itself; and as ordinary lighting, it is to indirectly view the object illuminated by the LED.

The above points, especially the 1, 4, and 5 points, are still the weakness of LED and need to be further resolved.

New source ion source light source into LED competitor

The new source ion source is currently becoming a competitor to LED. Plasma lamps are considered to be a promising fourth-generation light source that can compete with LEDs due to their high luminous efficiency, long life and high color rendering. According to the data: LED's current advantage is more suitable for low- and medium-illumination applications; the advantage of plasma lamps is that they focus on high-illumination lighting.

Plasma lamps have many advantages. (1) The luminous efficiency currently achievable by the LIFI lamp is in the range of 60 LM/W to 120 LM/W. (2) The color rendering index (CRI) of LIFI lamps has increased from 80 to 96 in recent years. (3) The color temperature of the LIFI lamp is in the range of 6500K to 10000K. (4) The life of the LIFI lamp is up to 10,000 hours or even longer, which means that it can work for 3 years and 4 months under the condition of 8 hours of ignition per day. (5) LIFI lamps are especially suitable for commercial lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and film and television stage entertainment lighting.

1, LIFI can be started quickly

One of the advantages of LIFI is that it has a high-speed start function comparable to LED. For ultra-high pressure mercury lamps, it usually takes 30 seconds from illuminance to stability, so it gives people the impression that the related products start slowly. The startup time of LIFI only takes 1~2 seconds, almost the same as LED.

2. Long service life.

Mercury lamps are used for thousands of hours, and LIFI has the same long life as LEDs. Basically, there is no need to exchange lamps. The theoretical lifetime is 25,000 hours, and the fixed brightness is 80% reduced. It basically has the same service life as LCD TVs and ion TVs. As a product, there is no need for the user to exchange it personally.

3, the wide range of color gamut is comparable to LED

Spectrally, the red and green illuminating colors have surpassed the LEDs. Although they are not as good as the green ones, they also surpass the mercury system. According to the performance gamut seen by TOTAL, it is surprising to reach 144% of sRGB.

The reason why these advantages are also lies in the principle of action. LIFI still uses the shape of a spherical bulb, so it cannot be changed to a mercury-based luminaire in use. A compound of Shivas and a metal halide is enclosed inside the bulb, first causing an electrical boundary inside, thereby ionizing the internal Sivas to produce ions. The ionized Sivas and halogen processing are then gasified. Let the two blend together to produce white light.

According to the data: LED's current advantage is more suitable for low and medium illumination applications. The advantage of plasma lamps is that they focus on high-illumination art lighting. Plasma lamps are considered to be a promising fourth-generation light source that can compete with LEDs due to their high luminous efficiency, long life and high color rendering.

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