Japan's Intermetallics will produce neodymium magnets with half the amount of niobium

Japan's Intermetallics Corporation (headquarters: Kyoto City), the representative director of the company, Sagawa Rinpoche, announced on January 25th, 2012 that the company has started to produce Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets for halving the use of Dy. The following is called neodymium magnet). Sagawa said: "In terms of the performance and heat resistance of the magnet, this time the magnet is the same level as the existing product."

Sagawa is the inventor of neodymium magnets. The Japan International Science and Technology Consortium announced that Sagawa won the 2012 (28th) Japan International Award for the establishment of the consortium in Tokyo on January 25. Sagawa attended the press conference to answer questions from Nikkei Manufacturing and published the information mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Tantalum is a component that incorporates a neodymium magnet in order to prevent its characteristics from deteriorating when used at high temperatures. This component is commonly added to neodymium magnets used in hybrid and electric vehicle motors. In addition, most of the plutonium is produced in China. Under the influence of China's policy of reducing export quotas, it has become a representative material for rare earth resource risks.

Sagawa introduced: “The amount of niobium added to existing products accounts for 10% of the total weight of magnets, but this time the magnets can reduce niobium additions to 5%. And we are still further developing neodymium magnets down to 3%, and strive to eventually Fall to 1%."

The magnets were produced by Intermetallics Japan, a new neodymium magnet production and sales company funded by Japan's Tatung Special Steel, Mitsubishi Corporation and US resource company Molycorp, and Japan's Intermetallics is not a company with headquarters in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. .

In addition to Sagawa, there is Janet, an American who is engaged in the development of therapeutic drugs for chronic myeloid leukemia. Others such as Janet Rowley won the "(Japan 28th) Japan International Awards 2012".

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