Lanzhou New District Educational Technology and Culture Bureau Lanzhou New District Educational System Purchase Security Service Single Source Announcement

Under the entrustment of the Lanzhou New District Education, Science, and Culture Bureau, the procurement of single-source procurement of security services in the Lanzhou New District Education System will be conducted. Suppliers who meet the qualification requirements are welcome to attend. On December 16, 2016, the Procurement Office of Lanzhou New District Finance Bureau conducted a single source publicity announcement on the project in the Gansu government. After the public announcement ended, no one raised any doubt, and the financial department approved the purchase as a single source.

First, the procurement document number:
Second, the procurement content:
The Lanzhou New District Education System purchases security services with a three-year service period.
Third, the project budget:
388.8 thousand yuan / year.
Fourth, the simple reason for the implementation of single source procurement:
According to the "Regulations of the Lanzhou New District Public Security Bureau on Regulating Security Officers of Enterprises and Institutions," Lanzhou New District Blue Shield Security Services Co., Ltd. is the only security company registered in the Lanzhou New District Public Security Bureau and has the qualification to undertake security services. Apply for purchase of security service items from the education system of Lanzhou New District using a single source.
V. Supplier qualification requirements:
1. Comply with the provisions of Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law";
2. It has a "security service license" issued by the public security department;
3. According to the requirements of the “Regulations on Inquiring about Files of Bribery Crime on the Provincial Public Resource Trading Platform” (Ganjian Hui [2014] No. 8) and other documents, all units and individuals who enter provincial public resource trading platforms to participate in bidding and other activities All of the notification letters of the results of the search for bribery files issued by the procuratorial organs should be used as one of the contents of the bid documents or prequalification application documents. The letter of inquiry for the results of bribery crime files must be within the validity period. Bidders may apply for inquiries (original) at the people's procuratorate of the city (state) or county (district) where they live or where the business occurs;
6. The only supplier to be drafted: Lanzhou New District Blue Shield Security Services Co., Ltd.
VII. When, where and how to obtain procurement documents:
Daily from 00:00 February to 21 February 2017 at 00:00

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