LED efficient road lighting procurement plan is expected to benefit many Taiwanese manufacturers

On February 22nd, the Senior Engineer LED reporter once reported that China’s Central Commission for Capital Investment will arrange 8 billion central budget foreign budget funds to purchase 4 million LED efficient road lighting products during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, and will drive no less than RMB 3 billion at the same time. Yuan's local matching funds. The plan will be completed in batches in pilot areas in 10 provincial capital cities, 50 prefecture-level cities and 100 counties (including provincial development zones).

Taiwanese LED industry believes that the details of the mainland LED lighting subsidy policy has not been published, and even the actual amount of subsidy is still unknown, but the small LED lighting tender project is still under contract, the LED street lighting subsidy program should be one, so Will continue to strive for. Taiwanese LED makers such as Jingdian, Fuyuan, Dongbei, Yiguang and Yuhong are all expected to benefit.

Taiwan Yu Hong believes that the focus of the subsidy is not on the size of the overall subsidy, but on lighting standards, timelines and other details. At present, the company has passed the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) certification of LED lighting products. In the near future, it is observed that the dealers are ready to perform actions frequently. It is hoped that the policy will be issued as quickly as possible.

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