LED price trend and response

On August 30th, the 8th Senior Industry Summit on LED Industry was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center in the Century Hall, which was held in conjunction with the LED Exhibition of Senior Engineers. The forum focused on "winning the war in the chaos," and "LED lighting technology - problems and solutions. "The Road", LED lighting design and application engineering - winning segmentation field, and "LED lighting market - Red Sea and Blue Ocean" four topics with the guests to share the industry's latest industry trends, analysis of the industry, the middle and lower reaches , market strategies and other hot topics. The scale of the conference was unprecedented, and the full conference hall fully demonstrated the great enthusiasm of LED industry professionals for this meeting of the senior LED brand.

Gong Weibin, chairman of Ruifeng Optoelectronics, believes that price is currently the biggest factor in LED lighting entering traditional home lighting.

From an industry perspective, the price war has increased the coverage of products, promoted the development of the industry and promoted the improvement of product quality to a reasonable standard. From the perspective of enterprises, it promotes the promotion of technological innovation, enhances management and cost control capabilities, and at the same time promotes the enhancement of added value (service and support). According to the law of Haiz, LED will increase its light efficiency by 20 times every ten years, and the price will drop 10 times every 10 years. In 2011, this trend is just followed. In the case of homogenization after automated production and convergence in Chinese manufacturing, the space for cost reduction in the optical part is very limited, and the LED module composing this space can be reduced by 30-50 without reducing the quality of the product. Explicit cost of %. If optimized from the management level, process capability, supply chain and other aspects, LED packaging can become the largest part of the cost reduction.

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