LED secondary packaging technology and production process

LED lighting night at home, the lighting has become the mainstream products, instead of most of the traditional light sources. Designers have more creative space when designing landscape lighting, making the design works more artistic. Secondary package LEDs are the source of inspiration for landscape lighting designers.

The waterproof problem of LED luminaire products has always been the biggest and fatal problem in use. The life of LED luminaires is largely limited by the waterproof problem. Successfully solving the waterproof problem of LED lamps can ensure the longevity and stability of LED lamps.

Secondary package LED: After the first package of LED and its drive or control circuit is soldered to the electronic circuit, it is sealed in the polymer package to achieve waterproof, dustproof and protective effects. It has an IP68 rating and can be used in harsh environments such as underwater and underground. The flame retardant grade reaches FV-0 grade, and the highest flame retardant grade of oxygen index ≥28% makes the secondary package LED lamp reach self-extinguishing from fire and has superior safety performance. The UV-resistant packaging material is used to prevent the secondary package LED from cracking for 10 years outdoors. Adopting the popular ultra-thin, transparent design, it is suitable for more occasions. After installation, it has little effect on the daytime of the building. If it is installed properly, it can even be used as a decoration during the day to give the building an artistic effect. The secondary package LED has the advantages that traditional LED lamp products do not have, so that the lighting designer can design the lamp in any part of the underwater, underground, and building in the landscape lighting design, so that the designer's imagination can be exerted. The design inspiration is interpreted, and the large-scale landscape lighting works are realized.

The secondary package LED production process can bring the following advantages to LED products :

(1) Consistency of product quality: The secondary packaging process is produced by numerically-controlled assembly line equipment, which solves the problems of poor consistency of product quality and short product life caused by manual water-filling treatment, and modern production. The equipment improves the production volume while ensuring the consistency of the quality of the lamps.

(2) High waterproofness of lighting products: tested by Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute, National Electric Light Source Quality Inspection Center and National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Yongdian secondary packaging LED light source system protection grade IP68 (in the protection level) The highest level, underwater light level).

(3) High stability of the luminaire: Solve the luminaire damage and engineering quality problems caused by the water in the outdoor use of the LED luminaire, so that the stable operation of the LED large-scale project can be effectively guaranteed.

Secondary package LEDs can be used in the following areas:

(1) applied to the square, park underground

Because the secondary package LED protection level reaches the highest IP68, it can be used in harsh environments such as underground and underwater. It is widely used in landscape lamps in squares, parks, rivers and other places. Such as Wuhan's Jiangtan Park glass square underground landscape and display lighting, Hangzhou Xicheng Square underground lighting belt, Erdos lawn modeling lighting, Zhuji Puyang River channel lighting. When lighting designers design lighting in plazas, parks, rivers, etc., they can use the characteristics of secondary packaging LEDs to change the limitations of traditional landscape lighting design and create better landscape lighting works.

(2) applied to bridge lighting

Due to the ultra-thin shape, transparent material, small size, light weight and soft wire connection of the secondary package LED point light source, when used on a bridge, compared with the traditional LED digital tube and the traditional LED point light source, Destroying the daytime effect of the bridge is ideal for environments that are difficult to install and maintain like bridges. Such as: Qingdao Danshan Bridge, Shaoxing Changyu Bridge, Nantong Yiqiao.

(3) applied to the contour of the building and the facade curtain wall

In the past, curtain wall lighting was an intractable lighting design problem. The introduction of secondary packaging LEDs completely solved this problem. Its flexible installation, good waterproofness, safety and energy saving are the most ideal lamps for curtain wall installation. Designed as an advertising display using computer control, it can be used as part of exterior façade lighting or as an advertising display.

(4) applied to the Ferris wheel

The fully encapsulated LED fully enclosed insulation and its flame retardant properties make it suitable for use in places where safety is critical, such as on Ferris wheels.

(5) Applied to indoor dark trough and decorative lighting

It is used in exhibition halls, fountains in bar interiors, and dark troughs in hotels.

(6) applied to signs and signs

Outdoor signs, signs, LEDs replace traditional neon lights, and LED waterproofing has become a major factor in the quality of signs and signs. Secondary packaging LEDs have completely solved the problem of quality and longevity caused by waterproofing problems, so they are heavily Used in the identification and signage industry. The applied products mainly include secondary package LED waterproof mold strip and secondary package LED point light source.

(7) applied to outdoor large advertising display

The use of computer control system and secondary package LED point light source to produce high-precision large-scale advertising display, due to its high cost performance, is increasingly recognized by advertising companies and advertising customers. The display can use the CF card to play advertisements for video or text content, or it can be connected to a computer to transmit and play various video programs in real time.

The secondary package LED can be used directly as a lamp or widely used as an internal light source of a special LED lamp, such as a landscape sculpture light source, an art modeling light source, and a bridge art light source, so that the special manufacturing LED lamp is developed during the production process. The waterproof protection requirements are minimized, and the stable operation of the special-purpose lamp is also guaranteed. The introduction of secondary packaging LEDs has made LED an all-weather, all-round lighting product.

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