Little Whale TV D Series 65D starting sale of luxury homes

Micro Whale Smart TV has been widely acclaimed for its high cost performance and leading artificial intelligence. In Jingdong Tmall and other e-commerce platforms, the popularity of the Micro Whale TV D series is as high as 98%, and it has been deeply loved by consumers. On September 19th, the large-screen new D-Series 65D of the micro-whale TV, the Almighty High with the MAX version, will start 300 yuan at the same time in the micro-whale official website, Jingdong, and Tmall, and the starting price will be as low as 5699 yuan. You can also enjoy a five-fold grand ceremony, and the whale is always happy. Today I will introduce this new product and crazy promotion benefits. All-metal body, continuation of the king's style of gold design As a modern home furnishing product, smart TVs are very important in terms of high degree of integration and decorative design. Micro Whale TV D series 65D continues the second generation design of the 2017 Miniature Whale of the German iF, Red Dot Design Contest and the 2016 “China Good Design” Gold Award. The ultra-narrow frame of the deep-space gray aluminum alloy features a slim yet lightweight body. A sense of prudence, the overall appearance of angular, simple atmosphere. Designing a simple TV is not uncommon, but having an all-metal body is really rare. All-round high with MAX, shocking big-screen entertainment experts In the case that the large-size screen has become the mainstream of the living room, it is not wrong to buy a large-size TV. The 65-inch large screen is equivalent to the size of four 32-inch TV screens, and the viewing is more shocking, making the living room the exclusive theater for the whole family. 4K ultra HD screen and HDR technology, resolution up to 3840 × 2160, even with a large 65-inch screen, the screen is still fine and moving, every detail is clear and sharp; high-power high-power speakers, than the D series 55D power increased by 25%, The sound is louder and clearer; it is equipped with a 64-bit flagship TV chip and boasts a 4K video decoding capability of up to 60 frames per second. It is easy to control whether it is a 4K blockbuster or a big game. In addition, high-definition interfaces such as HDMI2.0 and USB3.0 can also meet various transmission needs, and overall performance cannot be underestimated. Smart new upgrade, most understand your smart TV The whale TV D series is still equipped with the smart TV system WUI. After all, the WUI system is very advantageous compared to other brands of operating systems. 80 million homes are in use. The vertical waterfall flow UI, the page is simple, the speed is smooth, and the control intelligence , And the monthly new features come online. The D Series 65D comes standard with artificial intelligence voice, small whale aids, wireless projection screens and other "black technology". It is truly a big screen entertainment expert. With it, you can voice for 1 second to find movies, bid farewell to layers of search and wait, you can use your mobile phone to remote control TV, on-demand movies, high-definition screenshots and record small video, you can also enjoy the king of pesticides in the large 65-inch screen The infinite pleasure, and use the micro whale 65D to record your five killing moments. In addition to the above artificial intelligence, the most worth mentioning is that it is equipped with the same face recognition function as the iPhone X. The face recognition function in the WUI system is mainly applied to child locks. The child lock can be turned on to enter the children's channel. Parental face recognition can unlock other content. This feature can be said to be a highlight of the D Series 65D, which can help parents who are busy with work to manage their children's TV viewing time. In addition, the video call function has been added. Through the QQ interconnection function of the Micro Whale TV, the 65-inch big screen is used to chat with parents and friends, as if sitting in front of each other and experiencing the fluency of the large-screen communication. In content, micro-whale TV Hollywood blockbusters, hit TV dramas, TV trumps variety show, TVB Hong Kong drama, wonderful sports events, children's selections around the world, famous operas and other mass content for free to see, there is an exclusive panoramic VR channel, 65D is also attached With 12 months of Platinum membership, you can enjoy the ultimate Blu-ray effect and 4K source. Ever since, the micro-whale TV has been almost impeccable in terms of performance configuration, content, and workmanship. This new micro-whale TV D series 65D is still a continuation of the micro-whale has always been a high cost, 65-inch large-screen official price is only 5999 yuan. On September 19th, the official website of the Little Whale, Jingdong, and Tmall all started to lower their initial events by 300 yuan. The hand price is only 5,699 yuan. The Jingdong Tmall Mall offer is as follows: As long as the order is placed on September 19th, it will be supplied with 5 heavy whales. The bonus is: 1 set up by 300 yuan, as long as 5699 yuan. 2 The top 100 users who bought and sun-singed their own products and made a small whale custom sound worth 999 yuan. 3 gift TV exclusive original rack! 4 presented a special dust cover for the remote control. 5 enjoy 3 interest free. Heavy! Heavy! Heavy! The important thing is that three times, the micro whale official website also launched a super-big bonus to buy gifts, "buy television to send courtyards", in the official website to pay the top three payment plus future home experience coupons! In addition, there are more new tasting coupons, merchandise reduction coupons, orders to send pylons, plus membership and other crazy crazy promotions so you take. The value is not worth buying is no longer a problem. It is crucial that the character and hand speed is not enough. We have to wait another year, and then we must order the following links! Micro whale official website: Jingdong: Lynx: Micro Whale Smart TV Communication Group: 416644964