Locke Semiconductor Lighting Launches New LED Bulbs

As a member of the global village, in the face of the deteriorating ecological environment and the shortage of energy, Locke Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. organized research and development personnel to carry out long-term scientific research, successfully developed and listed three energy-efficient and mercury-free and pollution-free LED bulbs. The series replaces the current traditional incandescent bulbs and contributes to the global energy crisis and environmental crisis.

New LED bulb

The recently launched LKQ1-E27-5WLED bulb series is made of high-power LED, which has high luminous flux and good heat dissipation effect, leading domestic and foreign counterparts. According to the power consumption can be divided into 4W, 5W and 6W, of which 4W product luminous flux is 221.2lm, 5W bulb luminous flux 415.5lm, 6W bulb luminous flux up to 450.9lm, can replace 25W, 40W and 50W traditional incandescent bulbs. Among them, the 6W bulb has two shapes for customers' different choices.
Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, the LKQ1-E27-5WLED bulb series offers the following unparalleled advantages:
1. Using high-efficiency high-power LED light source, energy saving, can save 80% of power consumption. 4W LED bulbs can replace 25W incandescent bulbs, 5W LED bulbs can replace 40W incandescent bulbs, and 6W LED bulbs can replace 50W incandescent bulbs.
2. The screw base design can be used directly to replace the traditional old incandescent bulb without changing the existing lamp head and wiring.
3. Mercury-free and environmentally friendly, no pollution to the environment
4.LED cold light source, less heat, and no electromagnetic radiation
5. The average effective service life can be up to 40,000 hours or more, and the warranty period is 1 year. The household can use 4 hours per day for up to 22 years.


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