Luo Simin: There is no time and no culture in the East (Photos)

Luo Simin, Chairman and Chief Designer of Guangzhou Sizhe Design Co., Ltd.

As a flagship figure in the interior design industry in Guangzhou, the Neo-Orientalism and Lingnan style advocated by Luo Simin are highly regarded in the circle. At the same time, as the boss, he founded Sizhe Design has become one of the largest private interior design companies in Guangzhou. In his design works, we also found that in addition to the use of typical oriental elements, his lighting design style is also unique. Why is this design teacher so successful in art business? What is his opinion on oriental culture and lighting? You should be able to find out the answer from the interview with Aladdin Lighting.

Say career: design is not my first choice

From 1983 to the present, Luo Simin has been engaged in design work for 25 years. Twenty years ago, he founded the first privately-owned interior design firm in China, Sizhe Design. To date, the firm has created hundreds of designs at home and abroad. However, when talking about his career, Luo Simin told us that design is not his first glare.

Luo Simin has an artistic talent since he was a child. He began to learn painting at the age of seven. I like painting first and I like to be a teacher. But like many people can't finally do their favorite careers, Luo Simin eventually gave up. Painting does not make money, and the income of the teacher is not high, only 41.5 yuan a month. Under the pressure of life, Luo Simin finally started the design, because at that time, design can earn more than 200 yuan a month.

Now Luo Simin, who has a top design studio like Sizhe, certainly does not have to consider the pressure of life. Moreover, such a studio, more or less can make him a teacher dream. Over the years, Luo Simin has always attached great importance to the cultivation of newcomers. His disciples are in the field of design industry, and there are many outstanding people who spare no effort to promote the development of the industry.

Said lighting: the company's service awareness is not enough

In many designs, indoor lighting is not taken seriously, and it is considered to be finished. Speaking of lighting, Luo Simin said that when he opened the scorpion, he would be blunt. When it comes to the cooperation between designers and lighting companies, Luo Simin is even more endless.

In his view, lighting plays a key role in interior design, and good lighting design can often be the crowning touch of interior design. However, in the actual design work, as a designer, they are very embarrassed about the lighting company.

In fact, we don't want to know about lighting companies, but there are too few lighting companies that are willing to cooperate with us for a long time. Speaking of cooperation with lighting companies, Luo Simin's words are a little helpless. We especially hope to cooperate with enterprises, and hope that some companies can provide us with samples and follow-up sources, which not only saves us energy, but also plays a good role in establishing extensive cooperation between lighting companies and designers. However, lighting companies often do not do enough in this regard. Some companies are reluctant to provide samples to designers, and the after-sales service attitude is not good enough. In fact, business opportunities are often missed.

In Luo Simin's view, the lighting company's service awareness is far worse than other brands in interior design, such as tiles, wallpapers and other brands. If the lighting company's service awareness can be strengthened, they will be able to obtain good product promotion opportunities in frequent communication with designers. This is a process of cooperation and win-win. But for now, many lighting companies have not done so.

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