Major companies struggle to win the "World Cup" LED lighting (Figure)

When foreign companies want to open the "World Cup" battle on China's land with their product innovation capabilities, market segmentation, and refined management, they will look at the domestic LED market. Many traditional lighting companies and TV companies have been replenishing their batteries for many years. Is waiting for the opportunity to move, relying on local advantages, want to fight hard, to win the "World Cup" battle in the LED field.

As a result, LED "World Cup" war is becoming increasingly fierce, then two or three years later, LED industry who is responsible for the cattle? Not long ago, General Manager of Shenzhen Ruifeng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Gong Weibin said in an interview with this reporter that the future LED industry leader Non-traditional optoelectronics and TV companies are the only ones. Because these companies develop LEDs, they have unique conditions in resources and sales channels, and this is something that many companies with LEDs do not have.

LED Lighting Industry World Cup

His view has been confirmed in reality. Recently, Op, NVC and TCL have been battling the LED "World Cup", and they are precisely the leader in the traditional lighting concept in the industry. Similarly, domestic color TV giants are also rushing to enter the LED, they are sending a strong signal to the industry: to compete for their own LED "World Cup"!

Skyworth: Color TV giants enter the "World Cup"

It is understood that Skyworth LED has become the first brand of LED in the Chinese market with an overall market share of over 25%.

Sun Weizhong, executive vice president of Skyworth China Marketing Center, introduced to the media that LED-backlit LCD TVs have obvious advantages in ultra-thin, energy-saving and full HD technologies. The price/performance ratio has far exceeded CCFL LCD, and the price gap between the two companies will gradually narrow. This is the main reason why we are rapidly promoting the popularity of LED backlight LCDs. Since mid-April this year, Skyworth and other domestic color TV giants have begun a new round of LED-backlit LCD marketing campaigns nationwide. At present, the mainstream price of domestic 46-inch LED-backlit LCD TVs has dropped to 8,999 yuan. The price of CCFL-backlit LCD TVs continues to decline.

In addition to strategic cooperation with LGD Display, Skyworth also plans to intervene in the upstream industry of LED LCD. According to statistics, the profit of the industrial chain obtained by LED application and packaging is only 30%, while the profit of more than 70% is controlled by Japanese and American manufacturers who master the core technology of high-power LED chips, epitaxial wafers and substrate materials. Obviously In order to truly master the leading role of the LED-backlit LCD TV market, China's color TV giants must enter the LED upstream.

While the traditional optoelectronics industry and the television industry are scrambling to enter the LED market, and when they want to be ambitious in the LED market, why can't the enterprises that started with LEDs and LEDs stand up and struggle to hold up the LED industry?

Haier: Borrowing the World Cup

At 9:00 am on November 13, 2009, the “China (Shandong)-Cuban Economic and Trade Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony was held at the National Hotel in Havana, Cuba.” Zhou Yunjie, Senior Vice President of Haier Group, the world's fourth largest white goods manufacturer, and Cuban Electronics Group President Pachego and President of the State Grid of Cuba, Vicente, signed the "Cooperation Agreement between Haier Group and Cuban Electronics Group and State Grid on LED Street Light Project".

The choice of Haier's LED streetlights by the Cuban government stems from the trust in China's LED energy-saving technology, especially Haier's reliable quality, quality service and complete solutions, which is the trust of the Cuban government. According to Li Dandan, head of the Haier Cuba project, Haier LED streetlights use internationally leading efficient heat dissipation technology to greatly improve the performance of the products. For example, the products installed in Central Avenue in Havana are 6 times longer than the previously installed sodium lamps. It can reach 50% and is more environmentally friendly than sodium lamps.

This signing means that China's LED street lamp products will be exported to foreign countries for the first time with their own brands. This will not only help promote the application of Haier LED energy-saving street lamps in the global market, but also promote the industrial upgrading of China's LED street lamps and China LEDs. Globalization of products.

NVC: Tree "World Cup" king style

The positioning of NVC in the business photo has long been obsolete, but it has been burned in the deep memory of business photos. Through strategic upgrades such as channel transformation, capital operation, capacity expansion, and product line expansion, NVC has grown into one of the most comprehensive integrated lighting companies in China's lighting industry.

As early as at the 2009 domestic marketing planning conference held by NVC, Chairman Wu Changjiang said that in 2009, NVC will strengthen investment in major engineering projects, and LED is one of the important components.

At present, NVC has launched LED products with outdoor street lights and light source products. Its strategic policy this year is that as technology continues to mature, functional LED lighting products will be further introduced and project sales will be the mainstay.

It is conceivable that NVC lighting, which is fully involved in LEDs lately, can not be underestimated in the LED field with its strong network and brand advantages.

Not only that, but recently, NVC has actively cooperated with universities such as Tsinghua University and Fudan University, and hired famous electric light source experts, lighting experts, HID experts, and electronic experts as consultants for R&D centers to form a team of experts to improve the level of R&D. And this is just the beginning of NVC's layout of the LED industry.

TCL: Looking forward to the "World Cup" rebirth

The most talked about TCL lighting in the past two years is the “rebirth of the eagle.” Since 2000, it has been strongly infiltrated into the lighting industry. TCL lighting is proud of its professional energy-saving lighting products. In fact, before 2004, TCL lighting was also a time of glory. However, due to the overall performance of TCL Group, TCL lighting entered a period of development.

Seeking a broken market and reviving the glory of the past has become the most urgent expectation of current TCL lighting.

On June 9, 2009, two LED high-power color-changing temperature street lamps independently developed and produced by TCL Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. were successfully launched. The product under the line will be named "Chasing the Moon Series", which means that it will be pursued with the moon. Li Yimin, vice president of TCL Home Appliances Industry Group and general manager of TCL Lighting Electric Division, said: “The 'chasing the moon' is just the beginning, and 'lighting China' is our goal!”

The strong strength of the TCL Group is a powerful driving force for the development of its LED industry. TCL's sales network, capital logistics, high-speed growth, and capital operation are its core competitiveness. It has the information collaboration ability of customers and channels, can significantly reduce the cost of sales, improve product promotion, and play a very good role in promoting the development of LED projects.

Op: seize the "World Cup" commanding heights

Wang Yaohai, chairman of Op Lighting, said that LED will become an important pole of lighting sources and eventually become a replacement for traditional light sources. Recently, Opal Lighting invested 20 million yuan in the first phase, aiming to establish a world-class LED product development laboratory and light environment simulation laboratory.

In the product layout of Op, it has covered many fields such as home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road and outdoor lighting.

At the same time, in order to seize the technical commanding heights, Oupu began to actively launch the LED talent recruitment plan based on more than 300 professional R&D teams with doctoral core.

LEDs are the least used in home lighting, and Op is the leader in lighting in China (view map). This combination brings infinite imagination to the home lighting industry.

"Opp enters the LED industry, which is a strategic upgrade for home lighting brands seeking new profit growth points." It is undeniable that this march into the LED industry is also a major strategic move for OPP to maintain its leading position in the industry.

Whether it is from the industrial layout of OP to LED, or its emphasis on the development of LED technology, it can be seen that it is trying to occupy the LED "pyramid tip".

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