MAX16047A/MAX16049A EEPROM Configurable

The MAX16047A/MAX16049A EEPROM configurable System Manager monitors, ranks, and tracks multiple system voltages. The MAX16047A can manage 12 system voltages simultaneously, and the MAX16049A can manage eight supply voltages. This family of devices integrates an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for monitoring the supply voltage and configurable outputs for sequencing and tracking power supplies (on power-up and power-down). The non-volatile EEPROM registers can be configured to record the upper and lower limits of the voltage, set timing and sequencing as required, or store critical fault data to read back fault information after a fault has occurred.

An internal 1% accurate 10-bit ADC measures each input and compares the result to the upper and lower voltage thresholds and a voltage that can be configured as an upper or lower limit. When the detected voltage exceeds the set threshold, a fault alarm signal is generated. Three independent alarm outputs can be configured for different fault conditions.

The integrated sequencer/tracker ensures precise control of 12 (MAX16047A) or 8-way (MAX16049A) power inputs during power-up and power-down. Four channels (EN_OUT1–EN_OUT4) utilize an external series MOSFET for closed-loop tracking, and six outputs (EN_OUT1–EN_OUT6) with a charge pump output directly drive the MOSFET without closed-loop tracking.

The MAX16047A/MAX16049A offer six programmable general purpose input/output pins (GPIOs). In addition to being used as EEPROM configurable I/O pins, these GPIOs can also be used as dedicated fault outputs, watchdog inputs or outputs (WDI/WDO) or manual reset (/MR).

When a critical fault condition occurs in the system, the MAX16047A/MAX16049A have two fault management methods for logging information. The fault log records faults in the internal EEPROM. To prevent false erase operations, a latch bit can be set to protect the stored fault data.

The MAX16047A/MAX16049A are configured using an I2C/SMBusTM or JTAG serial interface. The device is available in a 56-pin, 8mm x 8mm TQFN package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

Key characteristics

Operating voltage range is 3V to 14V

1% precision 10-bit ADC for monitoring 12/8 inputs

12/8-channel monitoring input with 1 over-voltage threshold / 1 under-voltage threshold / 1 optional threshold

Nonvolatile fault event recorder

Power-on, power-down sort

12/8 way sorting / power ready indicator output

Up to four closed loop tracking

Two programmable fault outputs and one reset output

Six general purpose inputs/outputs can be configured to:

Dedicated fault output

Watchdog timer function

Manual reset

I2C/SMBus and JTAG interface

Configure delays and thresholds via EEPROM

100 bytes internal user EEPROM

56-pin (8mm x 8mm) TQFN package

-40°C to +125°C operating temperature range

MAX16047A/MAX16049A EEPROM Configurable System Manager

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