Mid-range dessert card game - XFX XFX RX480 Black Wolf evolution graphics card to start out of the box and detailed test

The most popular graphics card recently is the NVIDIA GTX 1060 and AMD RX480. Both cards are priced at around $1,999, and the performance is the level of the GTX 970, which is a new generation of mid-range "desert" products. However, I have been tired of the public version of the public version of the two cards are not interested in the public version of the first release. A lot of A rice on the Internet is called the RX480's overclocking potential is great, there are people who say "GPU core is easily cooled on 1.5GHz", although I do not participate in overclocking competition for many years, but occasionally brush the world record is still very interesting, wait until non- The public version of the RX 480 went on sale and started playing with a piece of it. Note that the difference between players and users is "playing" and "using", which are two different concepts. "Use" may be used for three or five years at a time, but "play" is not the same, I may not be fun to sell for a few days.

★ Slightly tan out of the box ★

Do not talk nonsense, first drying card, XFX FX 480 8G Black Wolf evolution. Saying that XFX had been quiet for a while after switching to the AMD camp that year, it was now very familiar with AMD and became the son of Dylan and Sapphire, both AMD's two sons. So now AMD graphics cards are the first ones to be the first of the three. The same is true for the RX 480. Only three of these options are available, and the Ultra Edition is currently the only version of the Black Wolves. Users who don't want to play the public version can only kill 2299 yuan.

The Black Wolf Evolution still uses XFX's unique X-type box. To be honest, I really don't like this box. XFX's official advertisement says that this fork-type box is more conducive to shock absorption and protects the graphics card, but it is It's very much a place. For those of us who are often throwing cards, this box is needed to sell second-hand, so don't throw it away. Housing prices are so expensive now, where there are so many places in which these boxes exist, and it is still such a big one.

Today's VR is really very hot, NVIDIA and AMD all have VR's thighs. Whether they are GTX 1080/1070 or the RX480, the "VR READY" is clearly marked on the box, as if it is not supported. VR can't call itself a video card. The box also lists the new features of the RX 480 graphics card: 14nm FinFET process, GCN4.0 architecture, native support for Microsoft DX12, Liquid VR technology optimization, support for HDR, and more. A friend who does not understand these technical terms well can directly ask her.

The box was opened and it was still environmentally friendly, using a recycled carton. After I took out the graphics card, I thought it was a red, black, and two fan color match. After a closer look, I realized that it was a fan with a red sticker, indicating the characteristics of the fan: support 0DB stall function. Remember to tear this piece of paper before use.

Black Wolf Evolution RX480 overall card appearance with black tone, streamlined windshield is taller and longer than the graphics card PCB, the length of the entire card containing the wind hood is 29cm, the thickness is just controlled within the two PCI slots. Video output interface, a HDMI + three DP, in addition to a public version of a DVI-D, this is a gospel for the old monitor, do not buy one more adapter. However, it should be noted that this DVI has no analog signal output and cannot be switched to VGA. The back of the graphics card is a full-coverage, anodized aluminum metal backplate with thermal vias. The backside of the backplane has an insulating layer to prevent shorts from contacting the PCB.

★ weak and weak to remove the graphics card ★

This card uses XFX's fourth-generation cool soul radiator, pay attention to the users of XFX R9-380 series graphics cards are no stranger to this radiator. The two 9cm fans on the heatsink have a "PCB contact" easy-to-clean design. The fans can be completely removed by pinching the two upper left and lower snaps of the fan. The fan relies on four "high-grade beryllium copper batteries. "Contact shrapnel" (I'm not very knowledgeable in chemistry and I don't know what the beryllium copper is). It is connected to the contacts on the heat sink. The definition of the four contacts is exactly the same as the definition of the previous four-color wires. The bar is used for the positive and negative poles of the power supply, one is used for PWM speed measurement, and the other is used for PWM speed regulation, so that when the fan is disassembled, it is no longer affected by the wire. In order to prevent the user from mounting the fan with the PCB contacts on the fan, the buckle is also designed to be foolproof. If the direction is incorrect, it cannot be installed. This design is not complicated or advanced in principle, but it is very practical. It does not affect the fragile stickers on the back screws, but it can completely remove the fan and clean it. So, many inventions just need a little inspiration. The fan adopts EBR bearing, which is also called "Enter bearing". It is a kind of bearing made with improved oil seal technology similar to hydraulic bearing and has low noise.

Remove the radiator body and backplane must be careful, first in accordance with international practice need to take the hair dryer with hot air to blow off the two warranty stickers on the screw, so as not to affect the warranty. After taking off the heat sink, it can be seen that the memory around the GPU core also covers the metal heat sink, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the video memory. XFX RX480 evolution of the PCB than the public version of the atmosphere to some, the left side of the GPU core is the 6-phase GPU core power supply, using XFX's own TureX inductor, so there is X on the inductor, the right side of the 1 phase memory power supply and 1 phase I The /O power supply is slightly stronger than the 6+1 phase of the public version. The RX480 with a TDP of only 150W is enough.

From the GPU core can see the number is 215-0876184, memory using Samsung's GDDR5 K4G-HC25 particles, the default frequency of 8000MHz, single-capacity 1GB, a total of 8 8GB memory. This memory granule has been proven to be very good on the GTX 1070. It is easy to use on the 9200-9400 MHz. However, the memory controllers of different GPUs are different, so we can only know how much it can be tested on the RX 480. The PWM driver, like the public version, is the IR3567B, a software programmable PWM capable of software up to 1.6V.

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In terms of power input, the RX480 evolution version uses a single 8-pin power input interface, slightly higher than the public version of the single 6-pin, and does not appear to be “stolen” from the PCIE slot like the public version. Now the dual BIOS design has become almost standard with the XFX AMD graphics card, and the RX480 evolution is no exception. The dual BIOS switch is hidden next to the single 8pin power input interface. However, there is no difference between the two BIOS, there is no difference in frequency, so switching dual BIOS has no effect on the performance of the graphics card, but dual BIOS for the player, no doubt raised their own BIOS security protection, if the brush is black, switch Restart is OK.

Radiator body uses a large area of ​​pure copper heat absorption base + 4 6mm pure copper heat pipe program, much better than the public version of the radiator, the public version of that thing is really flattering. We can also see that there is a purple heat sink on the heat sink fins connected to the inductor of the PCB power supply circuit, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the power supply circuit (the poor power supply of the public version of the RX 480 is also one of the disadvantages). It is said that these heat pipes use a "composite pipe" process, that is, adding grooves in the inner layer of the heat pipe conduit to increase the heat pipe contact area. However, if there is no nickel plating, the pure copper heat pipes will be easily oxidized and become black. When they are sold, they will be disgusted by the fact that the graphics card looks very old.

★ Meng Meng's run test ★

The default GPU core frequency of XFX RX480 Black Wolf evolution is 1338MHz, which is 72MHz higher than the public version of 1266MHz. The memory frequency is the same. Therefore, in theory, the performance of the RX480 evolution version will be slightly stronger than the public version. The following is a comparison of the performance improvement through actual measurement.

The test platform is still my old platform, the 6700K+ASUS M8F. Memory is the new partner, A-DATA's XPG DDR4 2800 8G x 2 package. The default voltage is only 1.2V, the frequency is DDR4 2800, but the timing is relatively wide, CL=17. The main reason for the start is that because of the cheap and high value, starting from the TW to just buy the same series of DDR4 2400 in the mainland side of the price. Recent memory prices have been rising. It may be right to buy earlier. I also started a pair of Chichi's Samsung B die memory and sent a test report together in a few days.

3DMark has added a new TimeSpy test section specifically for DX12 and a VRMARK section specifically for VR. However, the VRMARK section can only operate normally after the VR headphone is connected, and it is only a preview without a specific score. So for the VRMARK test part, I run Fraps in the background and record the average number of frames for performance comparison.

From the above tests, it can be seen that the Xwolf RX 480 Black Wolf evolution model leads the high-frequency version of the GTX 970 by approximately 25% in theoretical performance, which is approximately 5% higher than the public version of the RX 480 in terms of theoretical performance. In the actual game test, except for the "Tomb Raider" 1080P and "Crysis 3" 1080P test trails slightly behind the GTX 970, other games and 4K resolution win the GTX 970, the highest lead The rate reached more than 40%, and in the VR game test section, the leading GTX 970 actually exceeded 60%. It can be seen that the RX 480 does more optimization in 4K and VR than the previous generation. In terms of power, the evolution of the RX 480 is about 18W lower than that of the high-frequency GTX 970. This is the first time in recent years that AMD graphics cards have surpassed NVIDIA on performance and power consumption of the same graphics card for the first time. I currently don't have a GTX 1060 graphics card, so I have a card that will actually share the contrast data with RX 480. In addition, it is said that when using Vulkan graphics API, AMD graphics performance will be better, but at present Vulkan is not popular, so I did not do related tests.

In terms of temperature, I used HWiNFO64 software to monitor the temperature of the video card VRM power supply. Compared with the public version of the RX 480, although the fan of the evolutionary version of the RX 480 is somewhat convulsive, it is still 10°C lower than the public version at the maximum temperature of the GPU core, and the temperature of the VRM power supply is a little lower than 20°C. °C. If the fan strategy improves, I think the temperature control can be even better. Another point that needs to be reminded is that although the fan of the RX 480 evolution version stopped, the real-time fan speed monitored in GPU-Z is still 19-20% instead of 0%.

In terms of overclocking, perhaps everyone is surprised that this time there was no overclocking part of the test. Yes, yes, because the RX 480 is really not well overclocked, the GPU core clock has reached its peak at 1.4GHz. On the contrary, the memory frequency can be steadily overclocked to 8800MHz. Because the overclocking rate is not high, I will not test overclocking this time.

★ chief life home perspective ★

First, the advantages and disadvantages of the XFX RX480 evolution

1, advantages: 6 +1 +1 phase power supply, single 8pin power input, slightly stronger than the public version of RX 480; fourth generation cool soul radiator is significantly better than the public version of the radiator, not only the GPU core heat dissipation performance is better, Taking into account the power supply VRM circuit heat dissipation is also in place, at room temperature 34 °C, full load GPU core temperature control within 82 °C, lower than the public version of nearly 10 °C, power supply VRM temperature control within 73 °C, also than the public version 20°C lower. And the radiator fan is easy to clean, as well as a dual BIOS design that helps the player toss the graphics card BIOS. To be honest, I didn't expect much of the RX 480. I really don't think I could control the power so well at a performance close to the GTX 980. XFX RX480 Black Wolf Evolution actually can run through the first two scenes of 3DMARK11 with the fan stopped, and wait until the third scene fan starts.

2. Disadvantages: Do not know whether the manufacturer intentionally set or drive BUG. The fan actually started to start at 78°C. The maximum speed after starting can reach 3800 RPM or so, there will be some noise at this time, but with the decrease of GPU core temperature, the fan will soon stop again. When you start using it, you will be surprised and you know nothing about the law. However, I still think that it is possible to lower the starting temperature of the fan and kill the heat. It is actually more reasonable to start the fan earlier and then lower the speed. The second drawback is bad overclocking. Although the RX 480's frequency of 1266MHz is already the highest-frequency AMD graphics card, the gap is still too high compared to Pascal's 2GHz frequency, and the core frequency of the RX 480 is almost at the top of 1.4GHz. Increase the frequency again. Those who said that casually air-cooled on 1.5GHz are either lottery tickets or guns.

Second, the purchase proposal: Originally AMD's wishful thinking is so played, RX 480 performance is significantly stronger than GTX 970, has reached the GTX 980 level, price, power consumption is lower than GTX 970, ready to let NVIDIA Sap, who knows that RX 480 is not yet a firm footing, GTX 1060 is on the market, and it is said that the performance is slightly stronger than the RX 480 at the same or slightly higher price (I currently have no card, so I have a card Will actually measure the data to share with everyone). However, users familiar with AMD are aware of it. AMD is not a hardware manufacturer, but a software manufacturer. There have been a few upgrades to the graphics card before it has been greatly improved or even overturned. So when it was just listed, It is still too early to conclude on the level of product performance. The other is that the GTX 1060 does not support the SLI Doka interconnect, while the RX 480 supports bridgeless crossfire, and the dual card crossfire performance is stronger than the GTX 1080. So now my purchase proposal for 2,000 yuan price graphics card is: 1, never buy GTX 970, unless the price dropped to less than 1,500 yuan; 2. How to choose between RX 480 and GTX 1060 is still difficult to say, my advice Is waiting, the first is waiting for NVIDIA and AMD to further improve the drive, the second is the price of other products, the price of listed products are often high, if not just no need to catch up with new, can wait for the drive to improve, when the price is stable again Which video card is more worth comparing with.

Finally is the latest version of the Montenegrin version graphics ladder:

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