Millet Fan Yi Erweiwei Me2 experience

Millet crowdfunding each time new, will make people have unexpected surprises, this time is no exception. Recently, Mijia Crowdfunds launched the Aiweiwei Me2 split projector. Different from the previous one-piece design, what kind of different experience can be achieved by split projection? After the press conference, the author grabbed the evaluation product of the aircraft and let us take a look. Ai Luowei Me2's packaging is very simple, paper packaging is very conducive to recycling, is a well-received packaging method in recent years. In the outer box, the most noticeable is the middle Ai Luowei Logo, the top left corner of the box on the front of the rice family has a description that it should have some connection with the millet. After opening the carton, the packaging of Ai Luowei Me2 is actually a handbag design that is quite a business model and avoids the hassle of separately purchasing a storage box. Moreover, there are handles on the handbags that are easy to carry, especially for renters who often move home. It can be seen that the manufacturers are well-intentioned. The entire bag is a zipper-style opening, opening and closing is very convenient Open the package, you can see the projector's true face. Ai Luo Wei Me2 uses a split design, the big part is the main projector, small body is the sound part. From the size, 220 * 190 * 70mm figure is not bloated, with a white body color, it is extraordinarily slim. In the past two years, the minimalist style and minimalism have prevailed in younger groups. The Eloi Me2 has also been designed to fit this style. The black, white, and grey tricolors combine with the shape of the Founder to give a high cold van. The feeling, and the color of white as the main body is a good blend of all kinds of home environment, can be said to be a machine wild. Ai Luo Wei Me2 projector comes with a wireless charging device on the top, not only for speaker charging, but also for mobile phones, bracelets, digital products and other products that support wireless charging standards. In the details, Ai Luowei Me2 workmanship is also very fine, the thermal design of the parallel groove is very good to meet the cooling needs of daily use, rich interface - DC power connector, 3.5mm audio interface, HDMI2.0 interface , USB2.0 interface and USB3.0 interface, so that more powerful features. The most difference between Me2 and traditional projectors is that it uses a split type design. It is said that this design solves the problem of screen shake caused by the resonance between the speaker and the light engine, which makes the picture more stable while improving the volume ratio of the sound cavity and improving the sound quality. It also allows the sound to return to the picture, and the tone will follow the shadow. As for how it will behave, we will announce it later. Ai Luo Wei Me2 remote control projector and speakers using the same simple design, 14 button remote control function is simple and clear, easy to operate for the elderly and children, auto focus and 3D button is to simplify the operation process, easy to use No difficulty. Ai Luo Wei Me2 comes with a wealth of connections, how to pick up on how to pick up, do not bother to purchase extra. For projectors, besides the ease of using attractive values, the effect of projection is also very important. For non-professionals such as myself, it is better to look at the experience than focusing on professional parameters such as the lumens. As for the display effect, it will be clear to see the photos we took. The following experience maps are all directly projected on the white walls. Unlike ordinary projectors, Ai Weiwei Me2 is equipped with Miui TV, which means that as long as the power is turned on, you can directly watch movies and TV series instead of connecting to computers, hard disks, or mobile phones. Is it convenient? In addition, MIUI TV's operating system is similar to that of Xiaomi TV's. Therefore, the unique 1,000-piece PatchWall puzzle wall on Xiaomi TV can also be used on the projector. The PatchWall puzzle wall system provides detailed classification of video content, making it easier for users to search for different video resources. At the same time, the first-level menu is very rich in performance, providing selection, TV drama, film, variety, children, VIP, documentaries, classification, applications, shopping malls and other modules, I believe that rice flour must be very familiar with it. In terms of connection, the MIUI TV system continues its consistent, easy-to-use, simple style and is easy to control. Previously, Xiaomi TV's exclusive offscreen feature was also used on the Elois Me2, allowing you to turn off the projector and use only the speakers to play music. For game lovers, the Airov Me2 also supports Bluetooth connectivity for external devices, whether it is the handle or the keyboard can be used directly. If you are pursuing higher sound quality, you can also use an external subwoofer or group HiFi. Ai Luo Wei Me2 uses auto focus function, integrated precision optical recognition algorithm, start the screen can be auto-focus moment, hands-on ability is not strong partners do not have to worry about. Conclusion: From a user's point of view, the Airov Me2 is not only a qualified projector, it allows us to carry out more functional expansion, whether it is to play games or group a private home theater can be , And for rental users, it is still a powerful feature-size "TV", only 2.68 meters of space to be able to project a 100-inch screen, looks more cool than the average TV. Just looking at the 4,500 yuan quoted by the Ai Luowei Me2 may be expensive, but it is a projector, speakers, game console or a 100+ big TV, and it can be packaged at any time to move with you. It. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.