Millet TV 4A installed necessary software recommended! HD Live + Massive Free Look

To say that now the most popular smart TV sales, when it is millet TV 4A series, millet TV 4A rely on a good configuration, close to the people's price has become the most popular brand, then get a lot of friends of millet TV 4A do not know how to give Millet TV installed software, Xiao Bian to teach you now (to the now popular TV software sofa butler as an example). 【Software Installation】 1 in the sofa butler official website to download the sofa butler package to the U disk 2. U disk connected to millet TV 4A 3. After detecting the U disk, find the sofa butler package through file management 4. Follow the prompts and click Install to install the software. Youku TV version because millet TV comes with Tencent video content, it is recommended that you install a Youku video TV version, the two contents complement each other, covering almost all the current content resources, really do, want to see a lot of content to see. Although HDP Live Millet TV 4A is powerful, it does not have the ability to watch TV live broadcasts. HDP Live Streaming makes up for this shortcoming. HDP Live Streaming covers all live broadcasts on local CCTV satellite TV stations with high definition and smooth pictures. 【installation method】 The above software can be directly downloaded through the sofa butler client For example, if you want to install Youku Video TV Edition, you can directly search for the first letter "YK" and click Install.