Need to crack down on homogenous group buying sprint 21 billion sales

Need to crack the homogenization Group buying sprint sprint 21 billion sales At present, the group purchase website is favored by consumers. According to the latest data from the independent group-buying navigation website group 800, the total sales volume of domestic mainstream group purchase websites in November this year increased by 5.1% to 1.87 billion yuan. As of the end of November, the cumulative turnover of the group buying industry this year was 19.24 billion yuan, and the total amount is expected to exceed 21 billion yuan, which is 1.9 times that of last year, but it has slowed down significantly compared with 5.5 times last year.

Turnover at the end of the year

After two months of consecutive declines, the overall sales of mainstream group buying websites finally rose slightly to 1.87 billion yuan in November, an increase of 5.1% from the previous month. The number of purchases was 35.615 million, a slight increase of 2.4% from the previous quarter. According to the statistics of the group 800, in the monthly sales of 1.87 billion yuan, food and beverage sales exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time, accounting for 53.6% of the total sales, which was 11.6 percentage points higher than the average share in the first half of this year.

In addition, the November film market entered the Lunar New Year file warm-up period, which also promoted the increase in the amount of group purchase transactions. According to statistics, the total transaction volume of buy-in movie tickets in November reached 168 million yuan, and the number of purchases was 59.2 million, which was an increase of 37.8% and 50% respectively from October.

The group 800 research report pointed out that although the group purchase experience has been ups and downs in the past year, the overall trend has oscillated. If the turnover in December can smoothly reach the monthly average of this year, the overall market turnover of the independent group purchase website (excluding the Alibaba Group Co., Ltd.) will exceed 21 billion yuan, and the total number of consumers buying group purchases will exceed 450 million. Smoothly crossed the "end of the world".

The potential of second and third-tier cities is still large

According to statistics from the group of 800 companies, in November this year, the overall performance of the top 40 cities for group purchase sales was 1.342 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 71.8% of the group purchase market, which was a two-point increase from the previous quarter. From the perspective of the regional rankings, the turnover in Shanghai and Beijing increased slightly from the previous month. Guangzhou was basically the same, and Shenzhen surpassed Guangzhou for the first time to enter the top three.

It is worth noting that although the first-tier cities accounted for a slight increase compared with the previous month, the proportion still declined sharply compared with the absolute dominance of the previous first-tier cities. At present, the group-buying market may need more local cities to replenish new vitality. .

In this regard, the industry analysis, over-competition between the previous group purchase site makes the market of major cities has become saturated, it is difficult to get a substantial increase. While looking at the second and third tier cities, most of them are in the initial stage, and their huge market potential has not yet been fully tapped. For group buying websites that are plagued by sluggish growth in the first-tier cities, the second-tier and third-tier cities may be opportunities to further expand market share.

The normal offer lacks new ideas

Although the turnover is expected to more than double the annual growth rate, it seems that the group-buying products have fallen into a period of cold periods and duplication, lacking the "freshness" that can arouse consumers' interest.

According to the statistics of group 800, the number of group-purchased products currently sold online has increased substantially every month. From the monthly average of less than 100,000, it has rushed to more than 300,000, and in September, October and November, it has increased by 304,000. 316,000, 317,000, and on the sale time of the group order, even a long period of one year.

Hu Jin, co-founder of consumer experts and group 800, believes that the increase in the number of group orders and the extension of selling time is a double-edged sword. To a certain extent, group purchase can be regarded as a daily marketing channel that merchants gradually recognize. From another point of view, this kind of normalized group purchase preference homogenization feature can hardly stimulate the user's consumer nerves. Group buying websites need to be consciously aware of providing consumers with an overall stable environment. Fresher group purchase products break through existing product category restrictions for local service and online shopping group purchases.

It is reported that some group purchasing stations have begun to try to provide consumers with special fresh fruit and vegetable delivery services through their own ground teams to provide consumers with more diversified products and services to regain the surprise and expectation of group purchase.

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