New home stay tips: how to place the microwave safely

After experiencing a busy and heavy renovation process, moving into a new home has naturally become the ultimate goal of everyone. But don't think that moving is simple, how to put the most money in the home, how to put the most safe home appliances, there is a lot of attention. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to use household appliances - microwave ovens

Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant wire refers to cable that does not contain halogen(F, Cl, Br, At). Its jacket is made up of some very special materials which are non-halogenated and flame retardant, emitting limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat. It can have various levels of flame retardancy and mechanical strength. The flame retardant performance of the cable is superior, very little smoke during burning, no corrosive gas escape, thereby protecting public health and avoiding any possible damage to electronic equipment. For this reason, its use is highly recommended for public places and for all installations where it is necessary avoid to electric interference of nearby circuits.



  • Large tensile strength
  • Good weatherability
  • Non moving performance
  • Good softness
  • No toxic smoke during burning
  • Excellent elasticity and stickiness
  • Great resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Long life span

 no halogenLow smoke zero halogen flame retardant wire

Rated Voltage:





Wiring in all installations where fire safety is of utmost importance like schools, theaters, commercial complexes, apartments, high rise buildings, laboratories, etc.


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