Notice of modification of part of the bidding documents of electronic display screens and measuring equipment (1)

Title: Notice on the revision of the contents of the bidding documents for electronic display and measuring equipment (Tender No.: MJZ2009-025 Announcement Date: June 10, 2009 Deadline: June 18, 2009 Tendering Agency: Fujian Forestry Vocational and Technical College Provinces and cities: Fujian Province - Fuzhou Content: Each bidder:
The contents of the bidding documents for the electronic display and measuring equipment procurement project (tender number: MJZ2009-025) of Fujian Forestry Vocational and Technical College are revised as follows:
The deadline for the submission of the quotation documents and the negotiation time were changed from “9:00 (Beijing time) on June 11, 2009” to “9:00 (Beijing time) on June 19, 2009”; the purchase of procurement documents was extended. Until June 18, 2009.

All bidders are requested to fax the receipt to the following contact information before 17:30 on June 10, 2009.
It is hereby notified. Company Name: Fujian Education Bidding and Purchasing Service Center Contact: Mr. Chen, Mr. Liao, Mr. Lin Tel: 0591-87620963, 87570299 E-mail: Fax: 0591-87620963 Postal Code: Address: 126 Yangqiao East Road, Fuzhou City Sixth floor

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