[Observation] Which technologies are mainly dependent on the development of artificial intelligence in the past three years?

“Big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence algorithms are the three main reliances on the development of artificial intelligence in the past three years.” The Internet connects information islands and allows the entire society to rapidly expand data; cloud computing enables resources to be accessed at any time; The application of artificial intelligence algorithms in the field of computer vision has undergone tremendous changes. "The three technologies can be said to be changing with each passing day, especially the artificial intelligence algorithm is being updated on a weekly basis." Dibo said CBO Zhang Bo said.

Artificial intelligence, in the original Google unmanned founding team member Anthony, is far more important than the invention of electricity and mobile phones. The role of artificial intelligence is to make humans pay more attention to the things we need to pay attention to, such as accountants, lawyers, translators, etc. will be replaced.

Artificial intelligence is also the most suitable business scenario for Didi. "Drips have to be solved more complicated than AlphaGo." As Ye Jieping, deputy dean of the Drip Institute, said, Didi solves the complex relationship between supply and demand, which is obviously more challenging than chess.

If there is no artificial intelligence, Drip will generate a lot of complicated manual rules in response to the needs of different states. It will certainly not be feasible in the long run. Therefore, Drip uses a large number of machine requirements, artificial intelligence methods, through the big data to find out the rules, and can automatically adjust with changes in time, location and other factors.

Now, the accuracy rate of the city's demand distribution in the next 15 minutes has reached 85%. In the future, the dispatcher should be dispatched 1 second before the demand is issued, and the transaction distance will be shortened to zero.

In the future, Didi can even know the thoughts of every passenger and driver, realize the state of mind, and make the traffic management of the whole city more orderly. He Xiaofei, dean of the Drip Institute, believes that through the data of various channels, one day we will even know the wishes of every passenger and every driver. Maybe he is not willing to pick up the order in the last minute, maybe the next minute. He is willing. ”

Sharing the economy in China has completely subverted the way of travel, and what Didi does is the connection between people and cars. In the first half of the competition, the terminal and the Internet played an important role in connecting. CEO Di Wei also realized that the second half of the demographic dividend will be a contest of artificial intelligence, and wisdom should be used to make the platform more powerful.

However, talents in machine learning and artificial intelligence are very scarce. This is the original intention of Didi's Di-Tech algorithm contest. After two months, the Chinese team "inferrrr" won the championship with absolute advantage and won 100,000 US dollars in prize money. The two teams of "Wind" and "blitz" won two or three respectively.

The title of the competition is also very consistent with the current demand of Drip "solving the problem of supply and demand forecasting in the travel industry", the focus is on the behavior of the drip. This algorithm contest opened up the real domestic travel data.

Finally, I also quoted the old oranges (Drip employees) in the drop of the new orange often saying "don't forget the initial heart", how far we are, how far we can go. And artificial intelligence is not only in the past 1095 days, but also will go further in the future.

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