Ofo raised the deposit to 199 yuan. The so-called "credit system" is completely a fraud.

On June 20, some netizens discovered that ofo's deposit was quietly raised from 99 yuan to 199 yuan. The price-performance ratio has become a false proposition. Ofo said that this move is part of the new credit system. It is understood that, before, ofo bicycles have been a deposit of 99 yuan, 200 yuan with the main competitor Mobi bike 299 yuan cheaper, cost-effective has been the reason why most people choose to ride theo. However, it was discovered by netizens that today's new users are required to pay a deposit of 199 yuan if they apply for a car at the OFO client. When the old user repays the deposit, the App side shows that "there is a 199 yuan deposit to be paid later. Do you really want to retreat?" According to a report from Sina Technology on the 20th, the explanation for the increase in deposits by the relevant staff of OFO is that a brand-new smart credit system is currently under construction. In this system, the user's daily car habits and credit rating will become a reference factor for the deposit. The new user’s deposit of 199 yuan is part of this credit system because the new user has not accumulated enough credit behavior and needs to use the credit system for a period of time. The old user’s deposit was still 99 yuan. It is reported that, ofo small yellow car to raise the deposit, not only the new user registration to hand in a deposit of 199 yuan, even the old user to return the deposit and then re-send the deposit also need to pay 199 yuan deposit can only continue to use the small yellow car riding service. If it is to establish a new credit system, then according to the explanation of the relevant staff of OFO, so can understand ofO so set deposit? That means ofo means that ofo new user credit is not, so 199 yuan. The old user's credit is good, or 99 yuan. However, after the old user withdrew his deposit, why did he turn it back into 199 yuan? Is it possible for the user to return a deposit and the user's credit will become lower? The issue of deposits has always been a hot topic for the sharing of the bicycle industry. Since the Yongan Bank has implemented a deposit of 600 or more sesame seeds, the ofo has also gradually implemented a deposit-free policy that meets certain standards. In March of this year, OFO dispensed with the deposit of more than 650 sesame seeds in Shanghai, saying that the deposit will be promoted in more cities. In April, users with more than 650 sesame seeds in Hangzhou area can enjoy the use of a small yellow car without a deposit. On June 6, the Guangzhou area also implemented a 650-point or more deposit-free move. Today, ofo has been anti-permanent, secretly raised the deposit to 199 yuan, is to say that the sesame sub-650 points below the user credit is low? Or that the new user's credit is low? Or return the deposit and then return to the old queue of ofo The user's credit is low? Faced with doubts, OFO gives "building a new smart credit system" on the grounds of perfunctory, we can see that the so-called "new credit system" is completely deceiving! (Source: Legal and Social)