OLED keyboard evolution version of the design announcement (Figure)

It has been previously reported that the Russian design studio Art. Lebedev will launch an upgraded version of the Optimus Popularis Optimus Popularis Optimus Popularis, which will reduce the size of the buttons and increase the area of ​​the key OLED display.

Today, Art. Lebedev finally announced the overall design of Optimus Popularis. The new OLED keyboard has deleted the numeric keypad, the buttons have a rounded shape and the overall style is more lively. Due to the narrowing of the key border, if it is not a special character or picture displayed, it is almost difficult for the user to see from the picture that the surface of the button is composed of an OLED display instead of ordinary printed characters. In addition, between the normal keypad and the function keypad, the designer also added a long display screen to display more application information.

Optimus Popularis is expected to be available early next year at the end of this year, and the current planned price is below $1,000.

Simply summarize several features:

- Smaller buttons and larger resolution than the previous Optimus Maximus

- 70% key configuration with island design

- The Fn key is designed in the lower left corner. The main function is to combine the editing keypad on the right side of the keyboard and the NumLock key.

- There is a display window between the F function button and the upper row of numbers, it seems that a lot of information can be displayed.


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