Op Lighting Haidilao Catering Lighting Case

In recent years, consumer demand for food and beverage out has grown rapidly, and the turnover of the restaurant industry has grown at a rate of 20% per year. People go to the restaurant to consume not only the hunger, but also to meet the spiritual needs of leisure and entertainment. Therefore, how to create a comfortable and warm dining environment has become the focus of attention of interior designers and restaurant managers.

Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant is a large-scale direct chain enterprise that specializes in Sichuan-style hot pot and integrates hot pot features. It is an ideal place for friends, colleagues and family to gather together and enjoy the comfortable time. With high-end decoration, comfortable design and well-trained service staff, Haidilao attracts a large number of new and old customers with attractive bottoms, fresh food and special services.

Opal Lighting combines interior design to provide complete lighting solutions for Haidilao, and strives to use light to interpret its brand concept of “Happy Meals, Extreme Service, Authentic Taste, Healthy Nutrition”, and make equipotential areas and meals according to regional functions. Lighting design planning for regional spaces such as districts, box spaces, and functional spaces.

The entrance of the 3.2m high equipotential area uses 16W, 20-degree embedded LED spotlights - the coffin is brightened, and the darker finishes add privacy, avoiding flooding and damaging the overall restaurant atmosphere. The storefront channel also uses 16W, 20-degree LED spotlights - Lingbi Uniform provides the basic illumination of the channel. The 20-degree beam angle controls the range of light effects while illuminating the wall, like an invisible guide card that guides and attracts customers.

The decorative wall and the decorations on the wall are made of 7.5W, 20-degree LED spotlights - Lingqing uniform cloth provides the wall washing effect, complements the illumination of the space wall, and reflects the layering and rhythm of the space lighting. sense.

The table in the dining area chooses lamps with high color rendering. It adopts 16W, 24 degree LED spotlights - the 昊 illuminates the dining table, and flexibly selects the hoisting or embedded installation according to different ceiling forms to truly restore the color of vegetables and meat. . The dining table with screen partition glass area adopts 4盏7.5W, 24 degree LED spotlight—Lingqing illuminates the desktop, retaining the decorative effect of the lantern. The delicious dishes and warm and comfortable lighting environment allow consumers to experience a pleasant meal in Haidilao.

The 7.5W is used in the private room. The 24 degree LED spotlights are used to provide the lighting of the booth. The design is based on the size of the booth, the size and position of the table, and the lighting method of the spotlight combination is ensured to ensure the illumination requirements and satisfy the consumer's requirements for the privacy space. The wall of the private room is 7.5W according to the need, and the 24 degree LED spotlight provides the decorative effect of washing the wall.

In the selection of products, this lighting plan adheres to the concept of sustainable development of energy saving and environmental protection. Firstly, it uses low-power LED spotlights – Lingshu series (7.5W, 16W) to replace traditional halogen light source lamps, achieving cost savings. The dual effect of improving light efficiency. The perfect combination of lighting design and interior design reveals the charm of Haidilao's personalized service.

Editor: Liu Hai

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