Out of the box: music as 919 music fans to start JBL TV Bluetooth audio & LeTV music as a three-in-one camera

Prior to the release of a m family sweeping machine out of the box, these days to catch up with the music fans to start the JBL audio and music as a triple camera, just received yesterday evening, not much to say, directly on the map.

First order screenshot

The best time of the year in LeTV is sure to be 919. Usually, the members are usually sent a member for one year, or how many members can reduce the amount of hardware and the like. This activity is more intense, like the price of 4X50 and 2280. For a TV, with nearly 5 years of LeTV members, value, ah, now the market to buy a 50-inch 4k TV, the price is up and down 3,000, compared to music as there are several years members can see Which is more valuable and I believe that everyone can understand.呃 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑 跑


This is the comparison between the price before the event and the price of the event. Prior to this festival, the price of a cat that once had a JBL sound shop price was 998. At that time, it was sure that it would be cheaper again. Sure enough, the event was The price is simply sending

Below is the original package with the express package removed

Just opened the box is a hub box, inside is a variety of cables and fixed brackets and other accessories

The whole box is opened like this, the shock-absorbing package inside the box is in place, the sound card in the box is very tight, not shaking at all, this to give praise, please ignore the landlord and girlfriend's legs

The family of television audio and accessories are quite complete. The original assembly was equipped with two mounting brackets. However, I do not like to drill holes on the wall, so I just placed it directly on the TV cabinet. It looks like it is not ugly. JBL's TV audio support Bluetooth, NFC, HDMI ARC HD music (this is what HD music is not clear, anyway, it is high-definition music on the line, you need HDMI cable connection), FM radio function. Below is the audio family portrait

Finishing the sound next to the camera

The activity price of this triad one camera is simply white delivery (also said once, but it is really)

After opening the express package

Simple and generous packaging, music as always style

There are sponge pads in the box

Camera film

The bottom of the camera is a USB port, the connection method is directly connected to the camera USB port reserved at the top of LeTV.

A membership card with a random three-year period for downloading somatosensory games

With somatosensory cameras to play somatosensory games and audio experience will not let go, there is time, then set a special evaluation, on a few photos after installation, respectively, watching TV shows and movies, just assembled when the girlfriend said listening to audio with There is no difference between the original TV speakers. At that time, my heart was aggressive, because I did not hear any significant improvement in the sound effects, but I could hear the differences when switching sound modes (near-field, movies, and vocals). But it wasn’t really that different from the original sound of the TV. When the music came out at the time of watching the movie, the difference came all of a sudden. The girlfriend said that it was a bit like a movie theater. Well, it should be Zhang Aunt’s words, discounts. More often than not, the value is important. Of course, it would be better if you discount more, haha

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