Procurement of new models is good for marketing

——Interview with the Prime Minister of Moore Lighting Store

On August 20th, the Prime Minister of the Moore Lighting Store in Nanning Mingxiu Building Materials Market, in an interview with reporters, said: “The group buys the group” in the “Guzhen Lighting” newspaper has reported three consecutive large-scale reports, its appearance surprised me. Intersection, this is an emerging marketing model, with the network as the transaction carrier, and the traditional marketing model has a comparative advantage, it will be accepted by the majority of dealers, the emergence of "group buy" will be special for dealers It is the second and third-level agents that bring great benefits, the procurement cost of products will be reduced, and the retail price of the market will continue to decrease. This will greatly promote the "purchase of sales and sales" and good market action. It is firmly believed that "group supply and purchase" will be a new initiative to benefit the country and the people. (Organized / stationed in Guangxi reporter Huang Rilun)

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