Provincial Science and Technology Department and Zhongshan City Join Hands to Build a "Green Lighting Demonstration City"

Yesterday, the Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Zhongshan Municipal Government formally signed a framework agreement. It plans to invest 200 million yuan in three years to newly install or renovate some of the city's main road LED high-power white light street lamps 50,000, with a total length of about 650 kilometers. Strive to achieve the city's LED industry output value of more than 50 billion yuan in 2012, becoming a provincial and even national green lighting demonstration city. Under the joint witness of the provincial Science and Technology Department Director Li Xinghua, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the acting mayor Xue Xiaofeng, Ye Jingtu, deputy director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Situ Weizhan, deputy mayor, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. He Zhenzhang, secretary general of the Zhongshan Municipal Government, presided over the signing ceremony.

At present, Zhongshan City has formulated the implementation plan for the “Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City”, and will carry out demonstration projects in a planned, step-by-step, and phased manner. During the year, it plans to install 10,000 baht. The installation towns include Xiaolan, Guzhen, Torch Development Zone, Banfu, Triangle and Central City. In 2011, it plans to install 15,000 baht, install the township to increase the port and the people; the third phase plans to install 2.5. Wan Hao, the installation of the town area increased horizontal bar, Dongfeng, Sanxiang.

Calculated at 4,000 yuan / baht, the total investment of the demonstration project is about 200 million yuan. Zhongshan City will adopt the EMC (contract energy management) model with financial input + financing input to solve the funding problem, that is, 25% of financial investment and 75% of financing investment. According to the implementation plan, Zhongshan City will invest 40 million yuan this year, invest 60 million yuan in 2011, and invest 100 million yuan in 2012. It is expected that after the implementation of the Zhongshan LED Street Light Green Lighting Demonstration Project, it will save electricity costs of 18.36 million yuan per year, save electricity by 20.3 million kWh, and drive the city's new industrial output value of 20 billion yuan. The LED emerging industry will become a new economic growth point of the city. In order to achieve the goal of “Green Lighting City”, Zhongshan City has established the world's lighting industry patent data service platform, LED product public innovation service platform and established the semiconductor industry technology alliance and semiconductor industry association to accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting industry cluster and promote industry. The localization of the chain is benign.

It is reported that the LED industry in Zhongshan City has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2009, the output value of the LED industry reached 6.5 billion yuan. In the first half of 2010, the output value of the LED industry increased by more than 120% to 7.2 billion yuan. The industry chain covers LED packaging, new LED materials, high-end applications, and modern In areas such as services, the industry chain is gradually developing into a high-margin LED upstream industry.

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