Qin Chuanjun: M&A pays more attention to customer synergy

On February 19th, the spring investment strategy of high-yield research and development, which launched spring investment strategies around emerging industries such as LED, lithium battery and robotics, attracted the participation of nearly 100 brokers, funds and institutional investors.

LED lighting specials in the morning, including Huaxia Fund, Bosera Fund, Great Wall Fund, E Fund, Southern Fund, China Merchants Fund, Golden Eagle Fund, Zeyi Investment, Huatai Securities, Guotai Junan, Haitong Securities, China Merchants Securities, Fortune Lyon, Huachuang Securities , Zhongshan Securities, Ping An Securities, Shenyin Wanguo and Tongchuang Weiye, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Hyundai Financial Holdings, Lubomai, Dachen Ventures, Zhejiang Huarui, Oriental Fuhai and other investment institutions, G20-LED Summit member companies, Secretary of the Board of Directors, the decision-making level of the LED industry-related enterprises, and the head of the strategic investment department, all made their debut.

In the round-table dialogue with the theme of “LED Lighting Industry Investment Opportunities”, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei and G20-LED Summit Member Sunshine Lighting (600261.SH) General Manager Guan Yong, G20-LED Summit Member Enterprise Ruifeng Optoelectronics (300241.SZ Technical Director Xiao Xiaoming, Mao Shuo Power (002660.SZ) Investment General Manager Qin Chuanjun, Huatai Securities Researcher Zhou Yi, Songhe Capital Investment Director Feng Zhiwei and other guests have started a dialogue on the scale of LED lighting market in 2014 and how the capital market views the LED industry. .

Qin Chuanjun, general manager of Maoshuo Power Investment

"Investing in connected equipment, we value the most in terms of its automation production line." Qin Chuanjun, general manager of Maoshuo Power Investment, said that M&A should consider more of the synergy of customers and how to quickly open up the market.

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